Ghostly Greetings


Name that Tune: “I am an old woman now, I would rather he remember me as I was” – Edward Scissorhands

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘Typical me, typical me, typical me.” – I started something, The Smiths

Got myself in a right state this week over being at school full time. The confusing and convoluted way in which contracts are arranged and funding is made available for support staff had confused both me and the Head I think, and we were both at cross purposes as to how and when I would be getting paid. Anyway it’s slightly clearer now, but belts are going to have to be tightened I think. September will be painful as I will not have a wage coming in unless I scrounge some hours from Alpha and even then it will be scrapings & crumbs. (Sigh!) No wedding anniversary presents on the 22nd or much in the way of Father’s Day gifts on the 21st June and the long summer hols are going to be a meager affair in the way of expenditure on treats and days out. Although if the weather carries on the same vein as the last 2 days in grim comparison to last weekend I doubt the kids will want to play out much anyway – very cold, wet & windy just now outside. Such is life eh? I am sure we will cope but my God am I fed up of just “getting by” but I suppose it doesn’t suck as much as “not getting by” so I’ve that to be thankful for.

So Friday I got in and was feeling most despondent that despite loving my job, I was up in the air as regards payscales & hours etc and feeling a bit like a worthless sack of shite but then to entertain myself and keep me away from the TV I went on Friends Reunited after not having gone it for a very long time. Blow me if there wasn’t some messages from a few old school friends which had been left over a year ago, which shows how long it is since I last checked in. Some were from people who have since tracked me down on Facebook but I had also been contacted by 2 boys from Hadham Hall School in Hertfordshire where I went until I was 14.
One of them had been younger than me and me and my pals had sort of taken him under our communal wing. He wrote that “he has always been thankful to us for taking care of him and protecting him from bullies.” How lovely that he remembered us and how lovely that I actually have managed to leave a good impression on someone from so long ago. I usually think of myself as just being remembered vaguely and hazily (if at all!)
The other message was from a boy who was older than me who did once ask me out but I said no. I was then (and still am) more inclined to go for men who actually don’t know I was alive and I tended to ignore the ones who did notice me, focusing all my romantic energies instead on the undeserving, the wrong & the hapless. Isn’t it always the way?
I was touched that he had bothered to get in touch, as I am sure I probably wasn’t all that pleasant to him at the time. Perhaps he had just wanted to see if I had grown old dreadfully and gained 14 stone and lived in a static home with my collection of cats & stockpiled rubbish so he could be thankful of his lucky escape, lol. Regardless, It was esteem-boosting to be remembered.

(He apparently has recently suffered a heart-attack, which is ill news for someone in my age group! so my best wishes and healing thoughts go out to him & his family.)
This morning I was supposed to be doing the Race for Life but in my attempts to rustle up a staff team it all got left too late to register and all the places were taken up. I couldn’t do the afternoon run because Bman is going to work soon so would not have been able to take me there and supervise the childerbeast as I made with the light jogging & heavy perspiring. Instead I have registered to do the far less energetic Bolling Hall Fright Night, in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust. It is on August 22nd and myself and around 50 other foolhardy idiots will get to stay the night at the supposedly haunted Bolling Hall in Bradford with use of night vision type equipment and Mediums and Clairvoyants on hand to enhance the creepy atmos. I need to raise £100 before the even itself or I will have to put in the difference myself so every little helps – please click here or contact me direct and I will add your name to the paper sponsor form if you fear the technology of online financial detail.
Many Thanks xx

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