Friday Freetime


Name that Tune: ‘”Everybody knows that you love me baby / Everybody knows that you really do. Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful, give or take a night or two”– Everybody Knows, Leonard Cohen

Movie Quote of the Day:
‘Marital bliss is a terrible burden to place on two people. Sometimes a third person is needed to lighten the load” – A Good Woman
Vitamin D. Just what a girl needs to put a bit of spring back in her step. The last 2 days have been beautiful and the forecast is good for tomorrow too. How much better we all feel and how rosy we view the world when the sun is hot. How much less stressed and crabbit I am with not having fractious and bored childerbeast to entertain and to feed & water. Not that I am doing much in the way of partying in their absence but I have given their bedroom a good going over and am relishing the fact that it still looks impeccably tidy 2 days after I did it! Of course it will all go to hell in a handbasket within 10 minutes of them coming home on Monday but until then….I can savour my anally retentive “Sleeping with the Enemy” style addiction to having my bath towels hanging at perfect right angles & not just stuffed into the towel rail any old how. Bliss.

I know my Pops will scoff at the idea of me being as keen on things in as shipshape a fashion as this but I do like everything just so. I think that one of the reasons I am so permanently stressed & unhappy is because it is impossible to maintain these standards with children in the house & a husband with clashing ideas of where things should be so in the end you give up & don’t bother trying. I would love to have a house like Bree Van der Kamp all the time but sadly it remains for the time being, just a castle in the air.

Bman & I went to the new ‘Go Outdoors’ superstore in Farsley today so I could salivate at tents, fondle some canvas & coo and ooh & ahhh at waterproof seams, integral storage pockets & expensive price tags. We made no prchases but I had a good time nonethe less (so sad, I know, haha)

Have done my 3rd workout on my 30 day programme on the Wii (yesterday was a scheduled rest day). I could hear Bman laughing away as he did his this morning but he wouldn’t tell me why. I found out tonight when I did mine – there was ‘cardio dance’ section involving timed and precise arm waving & pointing. I have no rhythm, timing or dance ability whatsoever which was kindly pointed out to me by my virtual trainer Her: “You’re timing is way off, try & keep pace with me” Me: “I’m trying love, I’m trying!” (as I flailed wildly round the living room like someone trying to swat a wasp; no doubt to the amusement of the Sri Lankan lot who were playing cricket in the street outside my house. It’s working though because I certainly felt it the other day after the section on extended lunges which almost crippled me.

Am going to Manchester tomorrow for a day perusing the shops & meeting my sis, hopefully for a cheeky snifter or two outside a pub somewhere watching Manc’s beautiful people go by, then out for eats later on with my bro & JC.

Looking forward to it.

In the meantime I have a date in the boudoir with Daniel Craig on DVD, a punnet of strawberries & a weight watchers mango smoothie. How very Friday Night of me!


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