I Vant to be alone


Name that Tune: ‘”I hear that you’re in love now, baby don’t know what to say, I can’t believe that I still feel this way” – Put Yourself in my Place.

Movie Quote of the Day: “There are certain things a wife does not want her husband to know” – Brick Lane

I am alone in the house and have been for almost 30 minutes.

Ma B arrived this morning, we had lunch and now she has taken the childerbeast back to Scarborough. They will be gone until Monday. Today is Wednesday. Bman is on nights but will be joining them in Boro on Saturday morning.

Have just cranked up the volume on Spotify & if it weren’t for the fact that I am due at work at Alpha in 40 minutes I would be tempted to fire up a G&T or a Bud. Am listening to Pulp “Sheffield Sex City” marvelling at how erotic Jarvis Cocker can make place names like “Wombwell, Eccleshill, Intake, Winkerbank & Crookes” sound.

“I watched him flaking bits of varnish from your nails”…

Not sure how I feel yet about being sans enfants. Will feel better when I get the 3 rings call when they arrive and when Bman gets there on Saturday as back up for Grandma & off my case – (Q’s: “what’s for lunch?, “don’t eat all the bread”, do you fancy a shag?” – A’s “whatever you want”, “I won’t” and “No not really”).

I could go out every night till all hours dancing and carousing but I imagine I will end up staying home, drinking alone, playing on my new and fabulous Wii Sports Active & pissing about on Facebook or I might treat myself and do some high intensity cleaning.

Jesus how did it come to this? What happened to the Me that longed to have the house to herself; free of parents etc so friends could come round and abuse the facilities, smoke dope, make out & drink until we barfed or passed out? High intensity cleaning??
Just shoot me!

It’s half term (hence the vacation from the CB’s) so yesterday we were invited over to Manc for luncheon at my sister’s. My folks came aswell and it was all very lovely. Am looking forward to going over again on Saturday for childfree window shopping (no cash or credit to actually buy anything) and then some drinking & a curry with the sibs. Good times!

Back to the Wii Sports Active. It arrived yesterday so I fired it up when the childerbeast had gone to bed. It’s like a personal trainer thing and I love it! Couldn’t stop laughing at the Inline Skating bit when you have to crouch really low to gain speed then jump in the air like a loon to get over these ramps. What I must have looked like from outside the window if anyone was looking in I can’t imagine! Looking forward to doing it again tonight after work. If it wasn’t for the thin bamboo blinds I might even be tempted to go au natrel seeing as I have the house to myself – hahaha. Perhaps not though – the All Seeing Eye across the road might get more than she bargained for from behind her nets!

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