Weddings & Job Opps


Name that Tune: “So come on see the light on your face, let it shine” – Shine, Take That

Movie Quote of the Day:
“For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do! And for the first time, I’m gonna do it” – Dead Poets Society

Went to hairy Rob’s wedding evening ‘do’ on Saturday – Bman calls him that but he’s not that hairy really, we used to house share with him at Jojo’s house in Farsley before we moved to Tyersal. . Anyway, he and his ladylove got hitched at a fabulous venue near Grantham – Harlaxton Manor. Would have added a picture if Bman hadn’t inadvertently deleted them from his phone whilst trying to download them onto the PC before having read the instructions properly…The only ones I took on my phone were ridiculous gin & juice induced ones when I discovered the novelty frames section on my camera phone – cue several silly pics of me and Bman in Afro wigs or snorkeling with goldfish – it kept me amused for far too long as we skulked in the arboretum with our second round of buffet grub feeling very conscious of the fact that the only person we knew to talk to at all at the whole gig was The Groom.

Didn’t even do any dancing, despite having worn my biggest highest killer dancing shoes. Did contemplate it for a micro-second at the first few bars of ‘Lady Ga Ga’ but then it turned into a bit of a speed garage version so I decided against it. All in all a good ‘do’ though. Loving the venue, enjoying the lovely weather even though rain was forecast, loving the frock, loving the emerald green bridesmaid frocks, loving the Band, loving the well rehearsed first dance (several months’ worth of dancing lessons apparently), loving Rob’s touch with Arsenal players’ names for the tables & his morning after ‘Game Over’ tee shirt which he wore at breakfast.

The childerbeast had a Saturday/Sunday with Aunty J & Uncle JC babysitting at our house so had fun times with DVD’s aplenty, midnight (1030pm) feasts of leftover Easter egg & cookies, Sunday morning trips to the park & all round do as you please time – I don’t think they wanted us to come home.
A’s Behaviour Chart seems to be doing what it says on the tin as she is calming herself down if she starts to exhibit signs of fliddage & trantrum throwing if you threaten a No Star situation or even worse (gasp) Star Removal!
I also have a nice few rows of smiley faces on my ‘Don’t Shout Mummy’ Chart although I did have to raise my voice tonight at bedtime when some den building with duvets got out of hand and I spent 10 minutes untying various toy bears, snakes, blankets & hair bobbles from the bed post for fear of middle of the night strangulation!
School has been most productive this week. Not only did I get almost a page worth of writing out of someone who rarely ever writes, despite being able to talk ten to the dozen. (I found a point of interest & although the content was not something I would have chosen, at least it fired their imagination & got the creative juices flowing). I also managed to get a sentence from another child who usually refuses to write at all. Okay so the sentence was; “I don’t want to write!” but at least it was spelled correctly and had a good use of exclamation mark! Small steps and all that.
I was also asked if I could do full-time for the summer term! Woohoo! So I need to have a meeting with other job tomorrow to discuss notice etc. School can’t guarantee full-time for the September term but you’ve got to be in it to win it and if I want to do this as a new career then I will have to take what I can and ride with the ups and downs I guess. We will manage somehow & if funds get short I’ll have to get a paper round or stack shelves at Morridogs or something.
Carpe Diem & all that.

Almost had a coronary today when I opened T’s childminding bill for this month. It’s been a long month since the last one, with holiday cover thrown into the mix so a very expensive one this time. I knew it was coming so opened it with one eye half open & a sharp intake of breath! It wouldn’t have been so painful if HM Tax people hadn’t made a dogs breakfast of my new pay award since I advised them about doing extra hours at school and shafted me good and proper AGAIN!
You try & do the right thing by being honest and then get you just get gang raped in your own home by bean-counters and doylems who don’t listen to what you actually said on the phone so they reduce your monthly payment to £9.16 which is not going to go anywhere near helping me out with a childcare bill of almost £500. Obviously I have rung up and very calmly I thought, considering… explained their error, it’s not going to be rectified now until probably next month by which time another childcare bill will be due and inbetween then I am on a long planned night out in Halifax on Saturday and then going to Haven with the kids on Monday!

R heard me going on about lack of money and gave me a 2pence piece she found in her toybox and said it was for me, “to help out mummy”. Bless.
A wanted to whisper me a secret yesterday too – but I’m going to share it with you – she said that I “was her bestest girlfriend”. I heard her whisper it to R aswell later on but heck I’ll take what I can get. I love those girls – even on their crappest, most hideous days. My little sweeties. Xx

Other gems form the mouths of babes this week were from school. After making good a promise yesterday to join in with Wake & Shake with Year 3, I made what I thought was a fair attempt (my co-ordination has never been any good which is one of the many reasons/excuses I have for not attending aerobic or ‘dancersize’ classes). Today I was asked; “Are you joining in again today Miss? Let’s see if you can do a better job than yesterday” and one which would have made my husband laugh like a drain; “Miss? Why is your face so shiny?”……

Blame it on the Wake & Shake eh?

Note to Self: Keep powder compact handy at all times for forehead/nose touch-ups.

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