Paranoia & the Don’t Care Bears


Name that Tune: “Don’t pay it any mind if it seems like I’m acting cool” – Baby I don’t Care, Transvision Vamp

Movie Quote of the Day: “M*therf**ker! What the hell makes you think I care?” – Talledega Nights

Glorious weather this week made me glad that Nursery had not yet reopened after the Easter break because it meant me and A could gallivant around in the sun all day on Monday. We went straight into Sadford from dropping R off at school and floated around the ever decreasing selection of high street shops until lunchtime, then came home and spent the afternoon in the garden until it was time to collect R. Then, we headed on a mini adventure on the 508 to Shibden Park with a couple of other mums & their childerbeast for a couple of hours extra playtime in the sun. I was well and truly ready for my bed when we finally got home (after missing the bus). My head was banging & I had one sleepy child & one very fractious one. Got them filed off to bed and I was duvet-bound myself in time for ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and too tired even to set the Vid for ‘Heroes’. I was asleep by about 10 past 9!. Probably just as well because in what seemed like the wee small hours but was actually only half past eleven, A woke up crying that she had been sick in her bed!

“The chunderbus is coming, everybody puking, time to change the bedsheets”

Ding ding Round 2 in the space of a week of Bman scrubbing carpets whilst I mopped and tended to small weepy childerbeast and rinsed chunks out of Pyjama bottoms. Joy joy happy joy!
Poor flower is still not quite right but I think there is definitely something going around. I collected her from T’s yesterday in a right state, hysterical that she was going to poo herself or throw up although she actually did neither. She was fine this morning but then started showing symptoms again after lunch so Bman collected her from T’s & she spent the day laid up on the couch watching DVD’s & lapping up the drama of the attention.

Can I point out that I am happy to tend to my children whilst ill although I do know them well enough to be able to tell when they are swinging the lead or exaggerating symptoms. No I am not one of those parents who rings the NHS helpline everytime one of them has a sniffle or scuffs a knee. Yes I am reticent sometimes about making GP’s appointments every which way but loose but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. Of course I do, even when they are getting on my last nerve I care very deeply about them and love them to bits.

I emphasise this only because I was advised this week that my portfolio has been returned form the invigilator at Park Lane College & I am to be awarded with my CCDL NVQ Level 2 certificate, which is great news! I have also been offered a place on the STLS course (Support Teaching & Learning in Schools) NVQ Level 3 with an induction in May – even better news! So in my excitement at having achieved a new qualification at the advanced age of 37 with the opportunity of an entirely new & hopefully long career ahead in the Primary Education Sector, I emailed round a load of friends with my good news.

One of the replies I got basically said this:- “Well done, so you do have a caring side after all”

Hmmmm? Am I really such a ratchet faced selfish unfeeling bitch that I come across as so uncaring that it’s a huge surprise to people that I want to work with young children to help them make the most of themselves academically?

I was disturbed to the core, but having given this throwaway comment a lot of thought all afternoon. I can now see that to many people I will come over as being like that. Never mind a fitness regime I need a serious personality overhaul!
I’m about to pre-order a Wii sports thingumy which is cheaper than a balance board but still does you a personalized workout and sets you target goals etc. I wonder if there’s a Wii gadget that alters your personality or at the very least, other peoples perceptions of it? – Some kind of force-field you can surround yourself with and perhaps change at will to suit the company you’re in. Surely there’s a market for it?

Am off now to be despondent & shellshocked at the sad reality of my persona. I feel the urge to consume a lot of blue cheese & crackers but there’s none left – Bman & I ate it all last night while we watched ‘Grand Designs’ – amazed at a man who had a free-floating glass staircase in his house which overhung a Scottish Loch and a new baby on the way! I can barely summon the energy to Windolene my windows twice a year without having to do the bloody stairs aswell!

PS: Interesting that spellchecker wanted to change the word ‘Windolene’ to ‘indolence’ LOL

PPS: Bman has just tied me to the office chair by my dressing gown chord –oh what fun we have in the Brewer household!

PPPS: Oh My Word! I just read that there is a musical in the offing about the life of Jade Goody! And people think I can be crass!!

Boing!! Time for bed…



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