Easter in Chester


Name that Tune: ‘”At the end of the storm is a golden sky, & the sweet silver song of the lark” – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Sometimes to get to real paradise you need to take a road so dark, there are no stars” – Firehouse Dog

Thought-provoking moment of the day:-

If you total all the ages of the Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough 20 years ago today then divide it by the 96, you get 14.5yrs!

All but about 5 or 6 of them were younger than me, the youngest being only 10 years of age.



On a more upbeat topic, I thought I should regale you with tales of my Easter long weekend in Chester.

Surprisingly the weather was great for the duration and we got outside in the garden every day for the full 4 day break. Brilliant!
Easter Bunny even came for A, despite my protests last Thursday that she should be punished for her unacceptable behaviour at T’s, so much so that she was sent home!
Outrageous! Kicking, shrieking, punching & carrying on like a good ‘un. I was distraught, in despair & considering a Shirley Valentine adventure to Greece & leaving the childerbeast & Bman far behind. But, of course, I didn’t.

Mum suggested that the EB should still visit but that if A’s behaviour had not improved over the 2 interim days up until Easter Sunday, that I should confiscate any chocolate booty & explain to her why this was happening. As mad as I was & adamant that she should get nothing because she deserved nothing, Mum’s logic made sound sense so we went with that. As it goes, of course she was perfectly fine the whole weekend, bar the odd little mealtime strop & a bit of a last minute show of temper at the train station, which Mum soon nipped in the bud (although even she did not escape without a swift kick to the ankle!). Oh how I look forward to those golden teenage years when we can slug it out properly & use swears & everything…

Entertainments for Le Weekend included a trip to the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream place (‘Rhubarb & Stem Ginger’ for me, ‘Blackcurrant & liquorice’ for R & ‘Maltease’ for A). We also went down to The Groves (that’s the riverside) where there seemed to be an inordinate number of accordion playing buskers & some kind of ice cream turf war with no less than 4 different ice cream vendors in a very small area (this time I opted for Denbigh Ices, ‘Rum & Raisin’ & the kids had a Calipo Shot). We then did a grand tour of Grosvenor Park (gates shut at 1700hrs but trust me, you can scale the gates after dark should you feel the urge) LOL. We had 3 goes on the miniature train & Mum then promised the kids a session on the eco-ice rink with the chilling words “Your mummy will go on with you”.

Eco-ice, if you are not aware is a euphemism for, overpriced, pseudo skating on large square tiles of some kind of greased up melamine slotted together hastily and occasionally slicked down with water for that extra slide factor. I pleaded not to have to go but whilst R was quite happy to go on alone, A wanted her old Ma to accompany her round the 10m x 20m ‘rink’. £15 & 3 pairs of slightly sweaty stormtrooper style preformed rental skates later & I was hobbling round holding A’s hand as R held onto Mum’s hand (on the other side of the barrier) with the soundtrack to ‘Hairspray’ blaring out in the background. The kids thought it was great. Me? Not so much feeling the love of the eco ice, shite skate, blunt blade experience. I found it impossible to get going (& I can skate on real ice) and as soon as A had the confidence to go off on her own, I was off there and handing back my vile plastic boots. Mum said it was worth paying the £15 just to see my face… Hmmm hilarious. 🙂 The childerbeast enjoyed it though so that’s the main thing.

On Easter Monday I had a day release pass so I went into town for a bit of wander round the shops before going out to Huntington to my friend L’s house where we were met by another friend, N, & we all went up to Walk Mill Farm for a coffee & some cake & a catch up. I told them all about my recent brush with nostalgia at re-reading some old letters from myself & was relived when L said she had recently experienced something similar.

It seems we were not so different in our teens as we all ended up in hysterics laughing at the kind of guff we used to put to paper back when the World was at end if such a boy didn’t notice you or so & so didn’t ask you to the school disco. We even spent a good half an hour trying to remember the one other track other than ‘Pump Up The Jam’ that ‘Technotronic’ did back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Haha. Fun times.
The childerbeast meanwhile were getting down & dirty at The Crocky Trail & took great pleasure in showing me their badges of honour when I got back from my girls day out. Scuffed knees & elbows & a complete change of slightly mismatched clothes after they had been hosed down by Pops before setting one grubby foot on the premises.


Good times had by all, although it was a bit odd without our nightly visits to The Plough, which will be closed for a refurb for another couple of weeks. The old Management now out of the premises & residing opposite the Freemasons up the road from The Moss. I had to make do with one night out at the Ringo’s with my bro, who came over from Manc to take his old Sis out for a few pear ciders on the Friday night. Big love to the Boywonder! Xx

Well if I want to rekindle the wild blonde I suppose I should get off my wide load & onto the step machine. DHW’s is on shortly so that at least will be motivation for me as I try and shape up for summer & stir myself out of 2 years of inertia.

Ciao for now peeps

Ps. incidentally after 6 weeks abstinence I can now eat chocolate again and to be honest – it’s alright but I could live without… 😉



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