The mother of (re)invention


Name that Tune: “Never played by the rules I never really cared, My nasty reputation takes me everywhere, I look and see it’s not only me” – Youth Gone Wild, Skid Row

Movie Quote of the Day: Crying is the refuge of plain women. Pretty women go shopping – A Good Women

Much to my excitement I tracked down another old school friend this week who came to the UK in 1985 for a year from the USA. She went back to New Jersey in 1986 & although we wrote for a while, we moved on with our lives & the letter writing slipped (no easy texting or emailing back then to touch base), so ultimately we lost touch. My friend who came over last week had also been wondering what happened to her – she was a very funny girl (funny; ha ha not peculiar) & we were sorry to have lost her.

Anyway, after some searching and some shot in the dark emailing along the lines of: “scuse me but are you….” Eventually I struck gold & now we are back in touch!

She contacted me with a; “I figure the profile pic is not you” (I had a photo up of Benny Hill in drag at the time) and; these 6 words:

“Are you still a wild blonde?”

Am I still a wild blonde?


In a word……No!

But more importantly: Why not?

If I ever was, (and Bman seems to think I was). Where is that girl now? I gave it some thought & came up with this:-

She got consumed by a dormant redhaired fat person prone to overeating, melancholy & brooding, she became an impatient (once keen to be some Mother Earth type figure) but now reluctant & angry parent; too chunky to be sexy, too lazy to rectify that after years of inertia.

Time to reawaken the wild blonde I think, before it’s too late to paper over the cracks & iron out the creases…


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