Downers & Disco


Name that Tune: “He said I think you’re just depressed, Kiss me yeah baby & go rest” – Rehab, Amy Winehouse

Movie Quote of the Day:
‘Well…if it isn’t our mangey transient Grandfather!” – Talledega Nights

Day 3 of A playing up again. She has been so good and well behaved all the time since we got back from Portugal that I thought that nonsense might have passed but she seems to have taking up the mantle of mayhem once again – screaming at me and showing defiance in spades.
My long face caught the attention of the Headteacher this morning in the playground & he asked if I was OK. I told him about her giving me a hard time so he approached her and she got a stern but fair talking-to on the importance good behaviour at home to mirror that of her exemplary behaviour in school. She looked suitably sheepish and apologetic and meekly promised to be good all the time in future. Here’s hoping that it works because I can already feel the dark blue, mean reds resurfacing and this time I am going to do my best to dampen them down & keep them at bay. Exercise… it’s the way forward to pump up those endorphins. (Well, either that or try and score some E’s from somewhere LOL – think I am a bit too old for all that caper though, I’d never be able to get back in the lycra catsuit!)

Have spent another dull Thursday in the office hammering out COSHH forms, which if when completed I am told are still lacking, are going to be filed unceremoniously up K’s backside! These bloomin forms are turning into a Sisyphean task & getting right on my last nerve, but I guess I shouldn’t complain – it’s a job after all.

School breaks up tomorrow and they have had their Easter Discos tonight. I’m not that sorry about being at work and being unable to help out – 3 discos for various ages running from 3pm to 6:30pm and multiple requests for the Crazy Frog Song or something unsuitable by Akon etc… no thanks mate, think I’d rather be losing the will to live over my COSHH sheets.

We go to Boro for the weekend straight from school where I can feel a silly night out coming on – Deirdrie Barlow house wine and dodgy cocktails all round – Paraffin & Lime anyone?

I need to go into town for some bits on Saturday so that will give me the opportunity for a bit of old-face spotting in the old stomping ground and for old- faces to spot me and remark under their breaths; “Blimey hasn’t Kit aged & stacked it on a bit”, whereas they used to (in the days BC) say “Blimey Kit hasn’t aged a bit, doesn’t she look well”.
These days I am just another frumpy lumpy stressed Mother wondering where the hell her youth, looks & waistline went. Ahh well at least I will blend in.
Hopefully I will be able to avoid any inconvenient accidental run-ins with embarrassing ex-parents, although to be fair we probably would never recognize each other. The last time I did happen to cross paths with that particular skeleton from my closet (as I hid in the doorway of Thorntons café) he looked like some shocking TV amalgam of Shadrach Dingle, Frank Gallagher & Keith Miller, & he was drunk at barely 3pm on a weekday afternoon – it wasn’t pretty.

Right speaking of TV I need to get the kids wrangled into bed so I can settled on my LTT in my trackydaks ready for Peggy Mitchells nuptials at 7:30pm so…


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