Country Times


Name that Tune: ‘”I turned around & you were gone & on & on the days went’ – I thought I’d lost you, Miley Cyrus

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘My life is full because I know I am loved’ – The Elephant Man

Fabulous time had by all over the weekend! Muchas Grazias to the AconleyFerdinandos for putting us up (& for putting up with us). The Tequila slammers went down a treat, apart from Bman’s 1st one when we made him laugh and he ended up wearing his all over his face. More wine & beer was drunk & much garbage was spoken but we were all up and at ‘em on Saturday morning to back G up on her sponsored walk despite the poor weather forecast.
Poor little A was nithered even in her winter coat and hat & I ended up carrying her most of the way there. Fortified by a ‘magic’ giant cookie at the Daffy Café though, she practically ran all the way back! R did superbly and strode forcefully onward like a miniature pink-clad Ray Mears – good lass! She was not so hardy later on though when she fell whilst clambering about at the farm and managed to knock her top tooth out on her friend’s head! Luckily the Tooth Fairy made it all the way up hill & down dale to deepest furthest Farndale & left her a fiver in her PJ’s pocket (perhaps she did not have any change or maybe paper money is easier to fly with than gold nuggets).

Am looking forward to the next visit in warmer weather and maybe a spot of camping and some marshmallow times round the campfire, which now that I know about F being a tad creeped out by the dark times outdoors wilderness we can take the opportunity to try and freak him out 🙂 He soooo should not have told us that – lol. To be fair though, it is proper nowheresville up there – you keep expecting to see a pub called The Slaughtered Lamb on the lonesome roads up there and manic looking gamekeepers lurking behind drystone walls & such or spectral lovers drifting the hillsides in search of one another like Cathy & Heathcliff haha.

Back in the big city of Tyersal though, I have been in school again this week and still with my little group of Y3’s, giving them a bit of one to one tutoring, bless them, I love them, they’re all mint, even the ‘ trying’ ones. I tell you what, since being in school so much I have learned to curb my anger more with my own two when they kick off at home. A has regressed to paddys & tantrums these last two days just like her behaviour from before we went to Portugal & although I have been stern and loud with her I haven’t lost it like I would’ve done in the past. Looks like Mrs Brewer is learning some new tricks after all, for such an old dog! Grrrr woof.

My swede is really itchy tonight so I am off to check myself for nits now while I watch ‘Shameless’.

Ciao for now Xx

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