Mother’s Day & Parent’s Eve


Name that Tune: ‘”Mama we love you, Mama we care” – Mama, Spice Girls

Movie Quote of the Day: “Man understands nothing. He can be taught a few simple tricks & that is all” – Planet of the Apes

Spent a lovely Mother’s Day in the bosom of the full nuclear family at The Moss, which made up for the limp & lame start to the day dedicated to the lauding of the family Matriarch.

R got into our bed at 0500hrs complaining of some minor ailment or other then proceeded to make retching sounds which forced me to (as gently as possible) shove her out of the marital bed & scramble after her in the direction of the bathroom. Fortunately there was no vomitation situation but I ended up getting in the top bunk with her to cuddle her back to sleep but the creaking of the bed, as I heaved my giant gait up the stepladders, woke A up who then also tried to get in with us, which in turn excited the cat and then Bman got up for a wee and so we were all awake!
Not exactly the lie-in/ breakfast on a tray/ with side order of cut flowers & cards that I had envisioned. :-/

I did manage to get back off to sleep for an hour or so but in the finish I ended up giving myself the gifts I had chosen myself (& one of which I had bought for myself) & put in a gift bag myself and presenting myself with the cards which at least the childerbeast had made themselves (but did not know where they were…)
A poor show indeed Brewer family, you must try harder next year!

My dad always put a lot more effort into making Mother’s Day special for my mum and made sure we had all got her something & made with the big family presentation in the morning. I shall indeed (as Bman insisted when he felt so proud of himself for remembering at all) remember it when it comes to Father’s Day! Hmpf!!

Since then I have been in school with Y3, who are probably the most ‘trying’ year at our school. I was given a select band of children to give a little extra coaching to and, to be fair, despite my initial fears they all responded well to me & none of them tried to bite me, kill me, swear at me or throw anything at me – so that was nice…

Someone at Alpha has given notice which leaves me open to stress & certain failure if ever I am left in charge of Logistics, so I am more keen than ever to obtain further hours in school in order to be able to ditch Alpha altogether. The last 2 days there have been monotonous to say the least. I like the people there, don’t get me wrong, but that’s no reason to stay in a job you have no love for. Money is the only acceptable reason for that! Things are in the pipeline at school though so watch this space…

Have been to Parent’s Evening this week and have been most impressed with the reports on my two darlings and felt tiny tears of pride prick in my eyes at both meetings, but managed to keep it together as I am more than aware that it could all quite easily go down the pan in the next few years (although of course I hope their scholastic achievements continue). I do adore them both and having spent more time in school of late have come to realize from working with various children that my parenting skills far exceed many & I should not perhaps be so hard on myself, because despite my failings my girls could have done a lot worse than have me and Bman as parents!
Bman however needs to put his brain in gear sometimes before he acts, or in this case before he bares his hopes to cyberspace via the medium of his Facebook status, forgetting that his Mum & I are able to see it as well as the hundred or so friends he has got! Choose your words with care Sir or suffer the consequences! Do you not ever sometimes look at your partner & think “How in the name of Mike, did I end up with you?” LOL. Men?! I ask you. Swines to a man the lot of them! J

Tomorrow after school we are heading to the wilds of Farndale for the weekend to see our pals G&F & their tribe. I am taking my Christmas Tequila and have told F to get the lemons sliced and the salt ready ‘cos it’s Slammer Time..

Mwha ha ha ha ha ;-p.


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