New Beginings/Happy Endings


Name that Tune: ‘”It’s been a long time, I didn’t ever think I would see you again” – Saturday Love, Cherelle & Alexander O Neal

Movie Quote of the Day: “If you are good at something, never do it for free” –Dark Knight

Another rollerskating day called Saturday – the childerbeast are downstairs watching Kung Fu Panda for the zillionth time & & giving it their best Carl Douglas leaping off the couch in various amateur martial arts stances. I am keeping well out of reach of their lethal flailing limbs upstairs in the office & considering firing up the heating for an hour –it’s bloody cold today chaps and I’ve got radiators full of smalls & grundies which could do with drying before the days end.

Since my last blog I have been asked by School to do Monday & Tuesday mornings and whenever possible, childcare permitting, to work all day. Woohoo! I’m very happy with that. I can still do Alpha and not go over my working week limits for Tax Credits etc. So last week I worked up until 12 and A went into Reception Class for half an hour which will give her a great grounding for September when she moves up. Next Monday I can do all day because A is going on a playdate with a classmate until 3 when Mum will drop her back off at school for me. When I was in this week I did an hour in Y4 & then an hour in Y5 – both of which were a total contrast to the noise and persistent tale-telling of my usual 4 & 5 years olds.
Leading a group of 4 into ICT Suite to do some Numeracy work I took one look at their exercise books and mathematical workings out and thought “Que?” but managed to remain composed & set them the equation of; 27-17 (eat your heart out Carol Vordeman). At first I just saw a page full of these wierdy lines curves & equations & thought “I’m only a newbie TA… get me outta here” but then I got what it all meant but just thought it looked awfully complicated. (I can’t duplicate it on here as it won’t let me draw curved lines). It seemed to work for the kids though so who am I to argue? I’m more of a Hundreds Tens & Units, carry one over kind of gal myself but I am sure I will just about get used to it before someone somewhere decides to change it all again just confuse us old folk.

So what else has gone on this week? I’ve got a new phone (same number though) but has a lot more things to play with on it.

I have found an old friend via Facebook and I am very happy to find him still alive and kicking 18 years after we were last in touch. A lot of catching up to be done there. 🙂

T had to take Monday thru Thursday off from her childminding to tend to her eldest son who had to have an appendectomy at the weekend! Poor little guy! Luckily all is well now so she’s back to work as normal now.

On Thursday when I collected them from T’s R dashed upstairs furtively when we walked through the door which at the time I assumed she was just busting for the loo. Later I found a shoebox in her room full of soil, leaves & some crumpled tissue. Her explanation was; “maybe a gust of wind blew it all upstairs from the garden”. The old grey matter kicked in & when I asked her why she had run upstairs when she came in and was it to empty this rubbish out of her coat pocket? “Yes” she says, “It was to make a bed for the worm”.

Worm?! I saw no worm.

“I don’t know where it is now” she says sheepishly, “It might have fallen out somewhere”.

Not having discovered any invertebrate garden creatures floundering around I can only assume (hope) that old Lowly fell out somewhere on the way home from school or that he is somewhere at T’s house. Either that or the Cat got a surprise tasty treat.

It reminded me of the time I once brought home a baby field mouse and made it a bed in an old Stork SB tub and slept with it next to my head on the top bunk. The poor mite was dead as a doornail in the morning and I was guilt ridden for years. The things kids do eh? R’s excuse is that she is only 5. I was almost 11 when I pulled that stunt.

A has also amused me this week. Yesterday was Red Nose Day and we had various fund-raising schemes on the go in school. One of which was the kids all taking copper coins in and placing them on a giant Red Nose on the floor of the Hall. As I was leading some of Reception Class in, Nursery also went up to do their coins & as the kids all took turns to gently and carefully lay their pennies & tuppences in neat little patterns on the Red Nose, I watched as A walked up, pretended to lay the coins but actually just kept them in her tightly clenched palm then pulled her hand up into her sleeve then casually walk back into her line. Her Teacher copped for her doing it and sent her back again where she somewhat grumpily just threw coins unceremoniously down then slunk back into line with a face on, all the time unaware that I was at the back of the Hall watching and not knowing whether to laugh or be ashamed that my 4 year old was being devious enough to try and diddle Comic Relief out of 13 pence! Perhaps she takes after her tight-fisted & uncharitable Father. 😉

Her reaction when I recounted the story to Bman when we got home was almost as mortified as R’s earlier that afternoon when I lead the class into the Hall for the ‘Do Something Funny For Money’ Talent Show wearing Red Nose Day Deeley Boppers. I caught her eye and grinned but she did not smile back, her expression was something along the lines of “OMG Mum what are you trying to do to me?”
Aha she may be embarrassed now but my work in this area is only just beginning and I await those teenage years with a certain sadistic anticipation – she will be wishing for those Deeley Boppers when I start rocking up on nights out with her and her galpals still thinking I can dress fashionably, dance to “chart” music & chat up blokes years younger than me. (None of which have been fortés of mine so far in life) LOL.

Ooh you are awful! (but I do like you).




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