Me Myself & I


Name that Tune: ‘”I have been a lot of things, they may not all be true” – Barking at Moon, Jenny Lewis

Movie Quote of the Day: “Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, Sometimes people deserve more” – Dark Knight

The Bman is away in Boro for a Boys Bonding weekend with PickyStool et al so I am Husband-free this weekend. I have just waved off my folks & sister who stopped by for a cuppa & a slice of SpongeBob birthday cake (Allie’s belated mini tea-party & gift exchange) and now the childerbeast are round at D&G’s for another kid’s party. I am alone in the house on a Saturday afternoon!


What to do? Iron? Go back to bed for a nap? Do some of those long overdue chores?


Blog-on & crank up the iTunes player to maximum overload and sing along like no-one can hear me of course!

“So what! I’m still a rock star I got my rock moves and I don’t need you!”


“Today this could be the greatest day of our lives!”

etc etc..

Found myself yodelling along to a track from the movie “Bolt!” by Jenny Lewis called “Barking at the moon”, that I downloaded for the kids as they recently watched it & liked the song and (don’t hate me) I really like it, despite its country style.

My sister says it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be asking for the ‘Best of Lianne Rimes’ or similar. Lol 🙂

Been in school 2 days this week and the appeal is still not fading. I am ever hopeful of more hours as I do really enjoy it. I completed the last of my coursework this week and posted it off to my Tutor on Thursday, so before I know it I will be signed off all my units and have a childcare qualification (24 years after I first thought it might be kind of neat to do something like that!) What can I say? I’m a slow starter, but I catch on eventually. In the Grand Prix of life I am the Citroen 2CV – chugging along sedately and on occasion tipping precariously off balance on the sharper corners but I will cross the finish line in the end (probably long after everyone has packed up and gone home) but completing the race nonetheless.

As far as the office job goes and the redundancy threat it seems to me that the right hand of the axe wielding management does not know what the left hand is doing at the moment. They seem to be reacting to low January turnover and the current media buzzwords of Recession, Depression & Fiscal Fiasco and just chopping down the workforce somewhat willy-nilly. For instance; apparently when I was on hols on Judgement Tuesday, 16 of the factory staff were given their cards & then they had to get Agency workers in a few days later because they were short-staffed! Since then, some of those workers have been asked to return and those who were supposedly finishing yesterday were told to forget it as the redundancies had been rescinded!

Make your mind up!
It’s just going to be a week to week thing I think, so I am constantly on the sniff for some more hours with a view to some more permanent role at school. I think they like me. I might get ripped to shreds in the staffroom when I’m not there for all I know, but everyone is friendly enough to my face.
Yesterday I took in the list I had got from FaceBook of the Top 100 books, as voted for World Book Day, to see who had read what? According to the BBC most people will have only read 6 of them! I managed to scrape 50 although I think it was bit unfair to include the entire Bible as a book, all 7 Harry Potters & ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare’ to count as one book each. There were some omissions too such as ‘Three Men in a Boat’ and ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ & none of the ‘Gormenghast’ trilogy. Bman asked if the list include the full set of Mr Men books, but alas no, it did not, he said in that case he was unlikely to have read any of them let alone 6.
Found myself now that we are almost in March & my thoughts now turning to warmer days, looking online at tent waterproofer and rucksacks. This in turn lead to a brief flirtation at buying a new tent & salivating at 8 man tents in the kind of price range which would have had Bman passing out and requiring CPR. In the end I decide that the way forward was to pimp up the big blue Kahuna and get it ready for all weathers and possibly titivate it with some artwork which would work well with its already golden gaytime interior of Disco Ball and zebra print rug. Hey they don’t call it camping for nothing you know.

Right excuse me while I surf the Net for a list of British festivals & campsites so I can potentially spend the entire summer hols with the childerbeast floating from site to site with our Pandora’s Box of camping paraphernalia.

Big Love.


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