Fear Factor


Name that Tune: “F.E.A.R. you got the fear” – F.E.A.R. – Ian Brown

Movie Quote of the Day: “
There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?” – Airplane

Another Friday in school and another school day enjoyed (despite a near-miss chunderama incident at home-time when a child barfed everywhere, narrowly missing a row of children sat in their coats waiting to be collected by parents! Yuk yuk.) My Jaw is almost back to normal now and feels bigger to me than it actually looks. I’ll just keep popping the antibiotics and Ibruprofens and hope for the best.

I left a hastily cobbled together CV with the Head Teacher before I left today along with a heartfelt plea for him to find me some more hours in school as soon as possible, because in all likelihood, I will be returning from next week’s family holiday in Portugal to no job at Alpha! The decision is to be made next Tuesday as to who stays and who goes! I am not being pessimistic (more realistic) that mine will be one of the roles that they decide is now obsolete. If that’s the case, I can only be grateful that they took me on when I needed a job most after The Farm closed last April and that they have been so accommodating over the last year with my hours to fit in with school etc. My boss being ever the optimist, is convinced that no final decision will be made either way by next week and even if it is, that no-one from the Office will lose their job, but I am afraid I do not share his good faith.

Stay tuned to find out, and try as I might to not to dwell on it next week when we are meant to be relaxing at the Alto Country & Golf Club, it won’t be too far from the front of my mind!
Worse case scenario we go single-income & no tax credits for a while until something else comes up. It’s not like we can’t use the excuse to stop buying biccies, wine and sweets – lose a job/shift a few kilos… We will just have to muddle through. Heck when you think of all the poor sods in Victoria burned out of house and home and in many cases have lost family members & friends, and they all talk about rebuilding and getting their lives back together, it brings home one of my favourite sayings; “There’s always someone out there worse off than yourself”.
How terrifying to be in that bush fire situation – those poor souls incinerated in their cars trying to escape or huddled in their homes. It doesn’t bear thinking about!
When we were in Oz I remember when it was a red alert bush fire day, if you lived in a high risk area you were meant to stay home and hose your house down with water to stave off the risk of it catching fire. You wouldn’t have caught me within 25ks of the place! Me with my irrational fear of the house burning down – shit! I would have been sitting at the bottom of the nearest pool in full scuba gear until the rains came! When we were camping one time they were doing that backburning thing a couple of clicks away from our camp, where they set lowland scrub and bush on fire in a controlled fashion to help stop bush fires. I hardly slept a wink for fear of the wind changing and being baked in my tent like a big canvas Eurohike pasty!
My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and homes and pets. Xx

Still on the subject of irrational fears I am still in denial about the fact that on Sunday we are flying to Portugal on holiday with Ma B.


I am what’s known as a “nervous flyer” and I also loathe airports, they make me feel like I have done something wrong, I don’t know why.
I enjoy travelling and seeing new countries but I’d just be happier if I could just be teleported there and thus avoid the terror of check-in queues, stale dry recirculated cabin air, no legroom, cattle class aeroplanes that have no right to actually be able to leave the ground and stay in the air! Hurry up with the invention of the teleporting machine won’t you! The Dharma Initiative managed it on the island in ‘Lost’ and they were a bunch of hippies – how difficult can it be?

I’ll be fine.

Breathe in.
Breathe Out.
Stay Calm.
Count to 100.
Show no fear infront of the children.

We are back on Sunday 22nd so A will be having her 4th birthday while we are out there. If there’s no blog done by the 27th you can assume that I never made it there/back or am stranded in a holding cell at either Leeds Bradford or Faro airports, gibbering and waiting to be knocked out with a spiked glass of milk like Mr T in the A-Team so I can be shipped home and my passport revoked. 🙂

In the meantime… Au revior, Auf Weidersehn & Adios.


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