Parental Pains


Name that Tune: “If I wring little necks surely I will get an acquittal” – little Girls – Annie OST

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘when my folks left me at the orphanage ten years ago, they left a note saying they’d come back to get me as soon as they could”- Annie
Not for the first time and I know it won’t be the last, A has reduced me to tears today and I have been at work for most of it!

Her attitude at present stinks like something rotten and decayed. I didn’t have the power to cancel Christmas but I can sure as shit cancel her birthday in 3 weeks if she doesn’t rein it in!

Trust me. I know it sound harsh, as she’s in only going to be 4, but if you lived with it every bloody day you would know where I am at – which is precisely at the end of my last nerve! Tonight she has been put to bed the moment we got in from collecting her from T’s. Her baabaa (blanket) has been confiscated until Friday and Jess & Sandy, her faithful cuddly companions have decamped to my bed because they ‘don’t want to share a bed with such a bad tempered rude insolent backchatting little horror’ and she has been barred from attending her friend’s birthday party on Monday teatime. She was warned at the weekend that if she carried on with this unacceptable behaviour that she would not be going to the party so sadly I have to follow through with it.

The Cloud system that we introduced for them both does do the trick (Grey, Blue and Black – Black means a punishment like no Wii or Cbeebies online game or TV or something and staying on the sunshine all day means a treat like a biscuit before bed or similar). Like most days she is on at least Grey cloud, but yesterday managed to stay on the sunshine all day and it was R who was on the blue cloud for her bad attitude. When she is good she is delightful, but at the moment these burst of sunshine between the stormclouds are just not enough or a compensation for the bad times.
She has mortified me today when I went to collect her from the childminder – one of my best friends – who had to answer my question of; “How’s she been today?” with yet another tale of insolence and having been put on Time Out 3 times, throwing a tantrum about putting her shoes on to go out for the 3pm school run, screaming in T’s face and worse of all kicking her on leg. T was really upset about it, I was distressed and embarrassed by it and then when I am telling her to come along and get her shoes on to go home she is defiantly stood there screaming “No I won’t!” and when asked to apologise to T for her behaviour just barks a most insincere “Sorry” as she stomps off down the drive.
I am demented with despair. I have only just got her to stop wailing in her bed and shouting at me by threatening to call a policeman

She doesn’t do this at school which I suppose is a good thing but not especially helpful to me at home. I wonder if the little scrotes at school who are always in the cooler at playtime or being sent to Nursery class for Time Out are total angels at home?

Incidentally R’s coat was once again covered in mud today, but I was so incensed at A’s bad behaviour that I had completely run out steam for that conversation again, so it’s hung up in the hall still covered in clarts and she can damn well go to school in it like that tomorrow, unless I can find a spare one of those Northern Rail plastic ponchos they gave us when we went to Flamingo Land and I will make her wear that instead!

I love my daughters more than anything in the World but sometimes I don’t like them one bit. I especially at the moment do not like my youngest and it pains me like stones in my heart to admit it.

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