Tramps & Peeves


Name that Tune: “Turned up collar & worn down shoes” – The Tramp, Cat Stevens

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘Just a cute little bundle…of trouble!” – Lady & the Tramp

This week I have mostly been catching up on Season 4 of ‘Lost’ which thus far is making Twin Peaks’ Log lady, backwards speaking dwarves & dead homecoming queens make absolute and perfect sense!

More topless, grubby looking, Sawyer close ups wouldn’t go amiss though. Hubba Hubba. I have the last episode left to watch but am saving it for a rainy day.

I did manage to see the one-off drama with Julie Walters – “A Short Stay in Switzerland” and would just like to say: Bman, Mum, Dad, Ma B….should the time ever come, then I’m there for you to book the flights and hold your hand while you administer the dose –hahaha, I’m kidding, but seriously, please return the favour and should worse come to worse I’d expect you to do the same for me. Heck, there’s that many cushions on my bed that we could probably pass it off as an unfortunate bed overload suffocation situation and no-one need ever be prosecuted. xx
We spent the weekend all feeling pretty crap in one way or another. R didn’t go to dance classes on Saturday morning after having had a rough night of bad dreams and sweats. Bman set off to take A up to her classes but she played him like fiddle, kicking up a stink about going, so he brought her home with some tale of her telling him she never wanted to go dancing again – which is total rubbish – she never shuts up about dancing all week, she was just acting up because R wasn’t going & she thought she was missing out on something back home. So she had yet another weekend of unacceptable behaviour and is under threat of not being allowed on our forthcoming trip to Portugal next month if she doesn’t rein it in and belt up!

Bman collected R from school today while I was doing my coursework for college and in no uncertain terms told her that if the next time he goes to collect her, she looks in as bad a state as she did this afternoon, he will not be seen walking with her. Her coat was thick of mud and had to be washed for the second day running. So not for the first (or doubtless the last time) she got a 20 minute berating for coming home looking like she’s been working on bin lorries all day. I’ve seen tidier looking tramps passed out drunk in subways than the mess she looked today! And her shoes are wrecked again with a great hole in the bottom of the heel!
I have been sourcing Doc Martens online this evening – no more frilly bow, ballet pump, twee buckle, butterfly pattern sole, pink lined light up girlified cheap imported shite handmade by Taiwanese children by candlelight for threepence a week for my gappy toothed little princess! Nope I want sturdy, steel toe-capped, chuckaboot, 18hole lace up, imported, handmade by Taiwanese children by candlelight for a pound a week wages! I’m talking quality footwear that will last longer than a term at school.

Discussion de jour between myself, the Bman & my mum is whether we got away with coming home in that state when we were kids and the lowering standards of clothing and footwear due to the cheap availability in supermarkets and high street budget fashion stores. Things just aren’t made to last anymore in our chuckaway economy, it’s no wonder it all going to pot. Kids today? I ask you. No respect for their possessions, the price of things or their elders. Hahaha.

Man I sound old.
Right I’m off to look at footwear on



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