Historical Times


Name that Tune: “Let’s make a new start, The future is ours to find” – Greatest Day, Take That

Movie Quote of the Day: “It is tempting to see things as you wish they were, rather than how they really are” – Enchanted

I watched the inauguration of President Barack Obama on TV this afternoon with the childerbeast, who although slightly confused were at least enthralled at the masses of flag waving people. I thought it was important that they take note and keep up with current affairs rather than just what Justin & Sarah-Jane are up to today on ‘Higgledy Piggledy House’
I had waited all day to see history in the making and to cue, just at the point when he was about to be sworn in, A knocked over a pint of water onto the couch and the box of Wii sports accessories, so I had to listen with half an ear as I mopped soft furnishings and Wii-mote tennis racket adaptors with a tea towel & propped up the couch cushions against the radiators.

R was at least aware that the whole shebang was because America was getting a new president and that it was a big deal because he is a black dude; – “I know that man, Mr Obama, he is always smiling” she said. (So was Tony Blair & he could talk a good talk aswell, so I hope Barack puts his money where his mouth is. He can’t possibly be any worse than the last numb-nut anyway, playing golf while the World goes to hell in a handcart.)

George. You have been evicted… please leave the White House

Anyway I digress…. So having given the childerbeast a foundation stage, back to basics rundown of the historic enormity of a black president of the United States and how not that long ago blacks and white were segregated, R also piped up with; “When he talks to everyone on the microphone is going to tell them all off for being mean and not letting the black people get on the bus?”. Man I love my kids!

I got quite emotional during it the whole thing to be honest. I haven’t paid this much attention to anything resembling foreign politics since I went to see Nelson Mandela speak in Millennium Square in Leeds on my lunch-break a few years ago. I called my mum, squealing, “Guess who I am stood in front of?”

Historic times indeed. I’m sure the inauguration is televised in the US everytime but has it been on over here before? I don’t remember ever seeing it. It was a lot more exciting than when old Gordy & the missus drove up the tradesmens entrance to Buck House for the official invitation from Her Maj to become the next PM – not quite the flag bearing crowds lining our own Mall that were out in force in near zero temperatures in Washington today when that happened!

I remember that year that it all went tits up with the voting for the next President & that fool Bush got in eventually, Bman & I were visiting friends in London and got interviewed by CNN outside Buck House giving our English and highly clueless opinion of what we thought about the whole sorry charade. I think we said something profound & intelligent like; “Erm….right….ok….hmmm, Yes well it all sounds a bit of a mess”, or something equally inane. I pray that we ended up on the cutting room floor!

I saw on the local news that a deli in Chapletown, Leeds has been selling ‘Abama Sandwiches’ for the occasion, containing pastrami, cheese chicken & salad, which are proving to be a real hit. The news item did not clarify whether the spelling was meant to be a pun on the word barm, as in barmcake, because it’s a sandwich, or that they just couldn’t spell…


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