Kubrick & Observations


Name that Tune: ‘”It’s Three a.m, Three a.m . It’s Three a.m. eternal” – 3 am – KLF

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘Children are feral. Don’t let them sense your anxiety” – Notes on a Scandal

I was in need of a good sleep Thursday night to prepare my mind for Friday morning’s Assessment Observation in school, so Bman suggested we attempt to watch the whole of ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ in bed. I got as far as the bit where Rigsby from Rising Damp appears and then I was out like a light. That’s probably a record for me, I am usually away with the fairies by the time the apes find that black pillar and start braying each other with old bones. Don’t get me wrong I do like some Kubrick movies – ‘The Shining’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket’ but the man didn’t half know how to string things out. ‘A Clockwork Orange’ isn’t bad although one does have to be in the right frame of mind for giant marble phallic brain bashing, tramp baiting & dodgy fashion. The one I abhor the most would have to be ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ though. It might have worked if it wasn’t for Tom Cruise who hasn’t really done for me since the pre-dental work days of ‘Risky Business’ & ‘The Outsiders’. I actually saw it at the movies too, so help me, with a friend who thought it would be a great way to spend the evening and end up £15 lighter for ticket price and popcorn. That bloody ding……ding ……ding….piano thing going on all the way through along with Tom being so far up his own arse that he was even shorter than usual… It just did my swede right in – so DTR (yes you!) I hope getting a blim of Nicole Kidman’s boob was worth it for you! LOL.

So anyway ‘2001 a snooze odyssey’ worked and I was up bright and early and ready to face the morning. My profile folder was as up to date as I could get it, I had copies of everything I would need for whilst it was in the hands of the external assessor and I was primed with my Hi-Vis vest from work to lead a group of childerbeast round the playground in a road safety/outdoor physical play/making it up as I went along and hoping no one noticed type thing. So at 0930 me and my little group were “using different forms of travelling” (hop skip jump walk run etc) whilst some were on trikes and scooters and the Nursery class who came out to play stood the other side of the fence looking in wonder as I bounced round the playground like a loon, praying I didn’t pee myself! And was my assessor impressed with the activity I had designed and the effort gone into with the lollipop prop made for me by the other TA and the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK messages incorporated into the play? We will never know, because she wasn’t there! She mixed up her times and rocked up half an hour late long after we had finished and gone into assembly! I wasn’t impressed.
As it goes, she was all apologies and has said as long as I get a Witness Testimony signed that I did it, then I needn’t do it again. So that was one task down.
The next… the one I feared the most was my Circle Time – to discuss emotions and feelings, which I had planned for a group of 8 but in a trial by fire I ended up doing with the entire class of 20+ infront of the assessor and the TA and class teacher! I stayed calm, I remembered my Makaton and managed to get round all the kids with my homemade ‘emotional dial’ – improvised on the back of a Twister spinner (if all else had failed and it had been too grim to go outside for the physical play task I could have always flipped it over & just had them all doing Twister on the classroom carpet). Bless them, they didn’t eat me alive, even the few who can be, lets say diplomatically… slightly trying… and none of them disclosed anything I couldn’t handle on the “what makes you sad” question. I had visions of some hideous disclosure of family death or abuse slap bang in the middle of my first Circle Time leaving me sitting there lost for words.
My assessor was pleased though & gave me some very positive feedback, as did the class teacher so I am very happy with that.


Was invited round to D’s last night with J & T which turned into another 3am job with me and D walking T home and weaving our way back to our respective beds at knocking on 4am. Bad bad girls. So have felt a teensy bit ropey today but was still up and at ‘em to get the childerbeast ready for ballet for 0930, unlike D & T who sent their hubbies to do it. It at least gave me the chance to crack on with some more college work though in the old draughty church hall while A clip-clopped away to The Ugly Duckling or whatever it is they dance to in there.

Tired now though so think it time for a coffee and a lot of loafing. I may take to my bed with Sawyer & Jack (ding dong schwing). Am back in the Island zone now that I have cracked open my Lost season 3 box set.

Sweet dreams me.


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