Mondays & Mole


Name that Tune: ‘‘I don’t want to face the World but I know I have to” – Wide Awake, Twang

Movie Quote of the Day: “I know we haven’t always got along & if I have ever said or done anything to offend you at any time, then…………….Good!

Monday 5th January 2009 – A momentous Day indeed. I am currently sat at the PC with a steaming hot mug of coffee and surrounded by the golden sound of silence (apart from Bman’s excessively loud breathing from the next room – poor sinuses don’t you know.)

Today is the start of the new school term and I am childerbeast-free for the next couple of hours. Woohoo!

It was a struggle to wake up after a fortnight of late nights and later sleep-ins but I managed to drag my sorry carcass from bed and get sorted and waited to see if R’s new Ghetto blaster Groovy Chick alarm clock did what it says on the tin…… it did not! She had set it on the ‘techno techno rave on’ tune to wake her up at 0700 and I had to snooze it after 2 minutes because it was doing my head in and I feared for the neighbours hammering on the wall in protest. R, however was still blissfully sleeping on in the arms of Morpheus, oblivious to the flashing lights and blaring tinny music. I had to prod her awake myself and she claims not to have heard a thing. Might have to put it right next to her head for tomorrow morning.

Very icy and frosty outside today but in my new walking boots and coat I strode purposefully to school like a nimble mountain goat, holding tightly to the childerbeast’s hands and trying not to step on the menagerie of invisible pets that A had insisted on taking to school with her on invisible leads. (?) If she persists in her current attitude of mardiness and rebellion against things such as getting dressed and eating lunch/tea without turning it into a total melodrama then the invisible pets may well have to be threatened with re-homing or being down because frankly I am running out of patience with that one. Roll on the teenage years when we can have real fights and call each other bad names.

Am I going to wax lyrical about 2009 being a new year for change, diets, exercise regimes, a change of image, botox perhaps? Boob job? Lipo? Nah! No particular New Year resolution this year other do more exercise, which shouldn’t be difficult as I do precisely none anyway so even running up the stairs a couple of times a day would count as “doing more”. I did use my hoop and my step yesterday and the day before so I have made a fair start. Using the Wii should improve my flabby arms too and yesterday I tested my Wii Fitness age and achieved the youthful age of 40 which was a bonus considering my efforts of a few days previous where I scored a dismal and geriatric 70!

I am also going to try and get on top of my mean red black mood slumps and not focus on the negative. I have no real issues to deal with. To use one of my own favourite phrases “Nobody died”. Chin up and all that, plenty of people worse off than me/us, we could be living on a cup of rice a day and walking 16 miles a day to fetch water! My children have no worries – Blimey, Bman heard A the other night crying out in her sleep in anguish saying; “But I don’t want to go to Big Asda!” – and if that’s the kind of lame horror that disturbs her sleep then she can count herself a lucky girl! So we can’t afford to have fancy holidays and have to camp or caravan – big deal. No big life-changing decisions to make on a daily basis. Heck, my toughest decision lately has been whether to watch Lark ‘Rise to Candleford’ or ‘The Royal’ as they both clashed on the TV schedule last night – hardly a life or death call. Also need to get over my social phobia of constantly wondering what people think of me and if I made the right impression or if people think I am stupid or stewing over things I may or may not have said, or worrying why it is that I didn’t get invited to such and such an event or night-out or why so & so hasn’t called for ages or come round or whatever.

Blah titty blah blah blah!

Am off to try and finish the book I am reading just now so I can start my new one – ‘The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole’ – wonder if he still holds a fascination with the progress of the Norwegian Leather Industry?



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