New Year / New Regime


Name that Tune: ‘‘I couldn’t really dare to show how much I miss you” – You should always keep in touch with your friends, The Wedding Present

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘
What do you do for recreation?/ Oh you know, bowl, drive around, the occasional acid flashback” – The Big Lebowski

Happy New Year!!
Now Christmas is all finally over!
My tree is coming down on Sunday and I have been tidying the rest of the festive paraphernalia away in dribs and drabs since yesterday.

Felt surprisingly chipper on the first new day of 2009 considering the night before’s menu of 4 tequila slammers (would have had more but ran out of lemon and old satsumas don’t quite have the same kick!), the G&T, the Moscow Mules, the shots of Pear Absolut, the almost half pint of Baileys given to me by D when she came round, and the midnight Champagne. Mixing it up never usually a good move but as I say I felt amazingly human yesterday apart from a slight headache in the early evening no doubt brought on by dehydration and the last few braincells curling up to die. Not a particularly glowing example to set the childerbeast who insisted on trying to stay up until midnight (and managing to do so) but it wasn’t like I was demonstrating the slamming technique infront of them or anything; “Here kids have a lick of salt with your shooter of Robinsons Blackcurrant diluting juice”.

G&D came round at 9-ish with their childerbeast after a visit to their folks. G&B-man demonstrated why neither of them have ever made it big in the music industry with their efforts on R’s new acoustic guitar and A’s mini keyboard and later on B-man’s Bongo, or ‘Mango’ according to G, drums – he’s never going to live that one down.

The childerbeast enjoyed staying up late and watching the countdown and fireworks on the Box and then the various displays that went off around the neighbourhood and because they didn’t actually get into bed until almost 1am and Bman and I even later – none of us so much as stirred until noon yesterday so we missed half of New Year’s Day so it was a good job we had already abandoned earlier plans for a bracing New Year’s Day walk.
Do need to get some walking done this year though to limber up and shift some timber for 2009 – now known as the year of Toning Up & Not Pigging Out or TUNPO for short. Wii Sports is gently preparing me for actual outdoor physical activity and the old Hula Health Hoop is pretty good too (as you can see from my drunken demo below) so I’ll let you know how I get on……



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