Hurrahs, Hula’s & Heels


Name that Tune: ‘‘You, you don’t really wanna stay, no. You, but you don’t really wanna go, oh’- Hot & Cold, Katy Perry

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘I think it unwise that you should linger over these dreams. I think it wise that you simply cast them away.’ – Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Ahhh Christmas – it’s over for another year. Ok so not quite over, we still have a mountain of chocolate left and some mince pies are still floating about along with half a Christmas cake and 18 ton of cheese of various flavours textures & strengths and enough booze to set up a pub of our own but…pretty much….by & large…. That’s it for another year. Hurrah. Hooray. Whoopee!

I was in work on Christmas Eve but only until lunchtime. To build up for the big event of Santa’s final long awaited arrival I took the childerbeast to see The Polar Express at the Imax in 3D on the evening of the 23rd. I almost didn’t because both of them were behaving like complete spoilt brattish numpties – A especially, but after I had threatened them into submission I caved and off we went to don our dodgy 3D specs. Glad, I did, because what an awesome movie to see so close to Christmas with the little ones and in 3D on such a huge screen! Watching all their little hands outstretched to try and catch the snowflakes or the lost Polar Express ticket and seeing A sat on my knee during the part where they go down the mountain, clinging onto the seat infront and going “Wheeeeeeeeeeee” at the top of her voice. Priceless!

So. Did everyone get what they wished for from the big man in Red? (or, more the case of big mummy & Daddy in the Red)
I reckon so Yes. Bman was surprised and impressed with his Wii, which has proved to be the hit of the moment. Even Ma B got in on the action and sharked the lot of us at Wii Sports like some stealth gaming hustler! I have proved to be a bit of a master at Wii Golf & Wii Boxing but not so much at the Wacky Races where I kept flying off cliffs and crashing into trees, which is probably a good enough reason to hang fire on those driving lessons people keep telling me to have. My aim is to master the ‘Star Wars Unleash the Force’ game whilst Bman is at work and then Jedi the living daylights out of him!

A loves her kidproof digital camera and despite has already taken over 200 pictures many of which are of the floor, ceiling and peoples feet but she has actually got some good candid snaps, some of which I will include at the end of this entry. As you can see she grasped the photo wizard element of the software rather too well and made us into devils and pirates with a tad too much ease for my liking – LOL.

R got her pink guitar and some rollerboots and an array of new clothes among other things, and I got lots of the usual bath smellies and good quality dark chocolate and I love my ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ ornaments from my Bro. I also got some walking boots and a Regatta waterproof coat so I am good to go for the Great Outdoors 2009.

So apart from A chucking a Christmas dinner wobbly and refusing to eat a thing and being removed from the table and being put to bed in disgrace, I think it all went rather well. Especially considering my 2 friends had their kids in hospital over Christmas – one with a bead stuck in his ear and one with a chest infection! Both are OK now thankfully.

I have been out today round the sales which was a tiring but successful venture. I have got my health hoop so I am going to hula my way to a trimmer waistline for 2009, starting right now (well, in a minute when I have finished doing this blog and eating this giant bag of Doritos!) Also bagged a pair of seriously killer heels for no reason other than I loved the size of the heel and they were a tenner in New Look and it’s been a while since I busted out the KH’s. I think it’s about time I blew the dust off my collection and started airing them a bit before I age any more & the osteoporosis sets in and I have to go out in crocs or those flat lace up shoes you get via mail order form the back pages of the Sunday tat mags.

2009 could be time to bury the Ena Sharples of the last couple of years and dust off the Vivi Walker, the Elsie Tanner, the Bettie Paige & the Tanya Turner. I feel like they have been gone too long and it’s time for a good old fashioned Comeback.

All Hail the 5inch heel!

Nice penis nose Bman Me in my Primatech Tee

Uncle Richard get the Pirate treatment

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