Spa Days & Birthdays


Name that Tune: “He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty & nice” – Santa Claus (is coming to town)

Movie Quote of the Day: “See you later Navigator” – Flight of the Navigator

3 more sleeps til Christmas Day and I’m still not totally *there* with the old festive spirit. It comes and goes in ebbs and flows, I think it all starts a bit too soon and that’s why when it finally comes around I can’t be bothered – that and the Childerbeast being giddier than giddy kippers from Giddy Town!

Since last entry I have been attempting to find my Christmas Spirit in the form of going out for a Christmas Meal with the staff from school last Thursday night in Horsforth, which was most pleasant. Didn’t get drunk as did not want to show self up infront of colleagues who I am still getting to know. Also I was in Manchester the following morning for my Spa Day with my sister so did not want to be laid on massage table feeling rougher than a badger’s tongue or throwing up in the Jacuzzi.

Torrential rain aside Friday was great. Arrived in Manc at 1030 and was straight in the Arndale for some retail therapy, sniffing boxes in Hotel Chocolat. Met my sister and bro and had an espresso to fortify myself for the day. Bro then went to work and sis & I headed to the Spa for some pampering. Swimming, sitting in the Jacuzzi til we were like prunes then at 1400hrs we floated through to the Sensory Rooms in our bathrobes for a neck, shoulder & back massage then prescriptions facial. I got a file & polish thrown in aswell as I booked the treatments, but to be honest it was rubbish – she smudged me big style, but as it was a freebie I couldn’t be bothered to kick off (Maybe I do have some festive joy to all men in me after all?).
So we drifted out of the Health Club all relaxed and pampered into an afternoon of horrendous rain, soggy Uggs and soaking wet hair & delays on the tram. So we abandoned the tram stop for a cheeky G&T while the downpour abated and the trams got back on track and eventually got home ready for our carpet picnic of cheeses and pizza and nibbles and wine. I drank too much wine and passed out fully clothed on the couch – Bro threw a duvet over me at about midnight and left me to it. Didn’t stop me being in Stretford Mall by 0930 the next morning shopping for last minute accessories for our night out in Chester later on.

We went into Woolies which like all the rest of them around the Nation, is closing down imminently. It was hideous, like some looted shop from back in the days of the Berlin Wall. Had I remembered my camera I would have taken a snap for prosperity of us looking mournful next to the Pick n Mix. Harsh times. I didn’t make any purchases, partly because of the lack of stock and partly as it would have felt a bit like grave robbing. R.I.P. Woolworths, another of my favourite stores bites the dust. Lest we forget…..C&A….. ironically the massive one in Chester was replaced when they all went tits up by (wait for it)….a Woolworths! Heed that warning the next retailer that jumps in that particular prime spot on the High Street in Chester!

Saturday was spent loafing around at my folks. Bman met us there with the childerbeast and we lay around watching films until it was time for us to start getting ready for Jade’s big 30th birthday meal at ‘Got Wine’. She had a great time, all her pals turned up and had clubbed together to get her a bracelet from Tiffany (which hadn’t yet arrived, so they put a photo of it in a card – LOL). The meal was pleasant enough, but overpriced for what you got. My risotto was a bit sloppy and I I have had better at home. Bman & I were probably the only ones not drunk so we left them all to it at 2330hrs & headed back to The Moss. Old timers that we are we were ready for our cocoa and bed. We had the last laugh the next day though on the Actual Birthday when my brother and sister and JC were feeling rather fragile & extremely tired after their raucous night when they rolled into their pits at 0530.

Got a good haul of pressies including a “Happy Birthday Kit Love From Jarvis” autograph from the original JC himself Mr Jarvis Cocker!!!! My sister had gone to his recent gig and clambered across the crowd to beg an autograph for her beloved big sis. The fact that she did this AND managed to keep it a secret for almost 3 weeks totally blew me away. LOVE YOU DUDE!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX I have it in a frame in pride of place in my bedroom so I can see it as soon as I wake up.

The day was spent flitting between the pub and The Moss for a lovely family dinner cooked by Pops and then back to the pub later when the children (& the siblings had passed out) after a twilight trip to the Frost Fair at Chester Zoo where we went on the carousel, watched people falling over a lot on the ice rink, looked at the elephants, tried a mulled Pimms, (having decided today was my day for over indulging in booze) & then had our Lapland Journey to see the big FC himself!! I did not have Santa down as being from ‘The Port’ but I am sure I detected a bit of a Wirral twang to his tone. LOL. The Childerbeast were convinced anyway so that’s the main thing.

All in All, a fab weekend in the bosom of my family and friends and probably the best birthday I have had in years (even though I don’t like to make too much fuss about them these days as it just attracts attention to being another year older and still none the wiser). Thankyou for all my cards, Facebook messages, texts & gifts and I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, if I don’t manage to get on here again before the 25th. Eat, Drink & be merry & most of all, enjoy what you do.

Big Love


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