Moods & Makaton


Name that Tune: “It seems like over & over you keep on pushing me right down to the floor” – Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You, Madonna
Movie Quote of the Day: “You don’t think your father and I actually *LIKE* each other do you?” Corpse Bride
Arghhhh where’s my Christmas spirit gone? I had it and now it’s gone. Perhaps I can drum some up with the help of another kind of spirit – load me up there with a hit or 3 of that Absolut Pear in a shot glass purloined many a year ago now from Telfords Warehouse on one of my first forays into the World of flavoured vodka shots.

Don’t think the time of the month, low self esteem, a husband full of cold and 2 kids full of way too much festive giddiness is helping matters. Hurrah for credit crunch flouting, binge drink encouraging, festive supermarket deals on wines, beers, ciders and spirits – maybe I can just float through Yule 2008 in a fug of booze & herbal remedies – can you buy ‘Kalms’ in vats of 5000?

On saying that the reception & Nursery Nativity plays on Wednesday did bring a tear to my eye, partly due to A looking angelic (pity looks don’t always translate to behaviour) and partly due to seeing my Reception tribe in full regalia doing so well and also in part due to altitude sickness brought on from being stood on a table at the back of the hall doing my conductor routine, counting the little cherubs in for each song. It all went well and I managed to get down from my perch in a relatively dignified fashion without showing myself up infront of the parents, the Head or the school Governor. I was gutted though that when R did her show again later that afternoon and I did not go and watch again (as we were watching it again instead of assembly on Friday morning) that the boy who introduced the performance was off sick so R was chosen to speak his lines instead; “We would like to welcome you to our Christmas Concert where we will be singing traditional carols from around the World”. When she told me later, I had my fingers secretly crossed that the boy would be still sick on Friday so she would do it again when I was watching, but (un)fortunately he was well enough to return to school…. So I missed her. Bummer! Can’t believe no-one thought to come and get me from my class and let me know though.

Yesterday was thoroughly miserable weatherwise – rain rain go away we don’t want you on a Saturday! Little A had her tap dancing exam and went in fine but came out in tears because she wanted to stay in the room “and do some galloping” which apparently is in the ballet exam which she wasn’t doing because she did it already earlier in the year. It took some consoling and comforting from both myself and the ballet teacher to persuade her to stop crying….awww bless.

Not so much ‘aww bless’ with the ever present tantrums and foot stomping, hands on hips, raspberry blowing, Madam almighty behaviour I have endured all weekend though. I’ve lost count of the times I have traipsed her back and to the Naughty Step over the last couple of days for backchat, screeching at me and not doing as she’s told or asked. I am really tiring of the entire family, yet I do love them all dearly (especially when they are all asleep).

I let the childerbeast bake buns today and then remembered as I watched a perfect arc of hundreds and thousands sail over A’s head, and then cringed as she clambered across the furnishings with her hands thick with margarine, why it is that I avoid doing these kind of activities. Once again I salute T to set up a home-based childminding business and do those kind of things day in day out with more than 2 kids. The woman deserves some kind of Victoria Cross for having the patience. I’m fed up with hearing my own voice in a perpetual state of annoyance and irritation. Once I master my recently purchased Makaton sign language DVD (to help me with my course) maybe I will just communicate my anger through the medium of sign and thus save on the neighbour’s hearing and my vocal chords.

“Hello, my name is Kit and I am right bloody well hacked off!”



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