Snow & Shows


Name that Tune: “I’m going to have to pretend that I don’t really care” – When there was you – High School Musical OST

Movie Quote of the Day: “Your silences are the most eloquent thing about you” – Before you go”
What’s with the once a week blogs? I must be busier than I thought these days – either that or I just don’t get a look in anymore on the PC now the kids have claimed it for the CBeebies website.

Bloody kids are getting on my nerves today – constantly winding me up, taking the piss and asking for trouble. You can threaten and threaten that Santa won’t come whilst you know damn straight that he will, because you already have everything bought wrapped and stashed! Hmmph!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not so unloving that I’m going to dope them up on tamazepam then hide them under a bed with some dodgy half-wit ‘Uncle’ then try and claim £50Gs for “finding” them wandering amongst the meat & dripping counters of Dewsbury Market or anything but dear me! they have pushed me to the limit the last few evenings. Karen Matthews style parenting eh? The irony is that in all liklihood the poor children will be the only ones who might profit from that sad and sorry tangled tale when the inevitable book and film come out.

Thursday school was closed due to snow so the childerbeast had to go to T‘s & I had to still go to work. The drawback of living only 10 minutes from work is not having an excuse to be late due to bad weather. When I did trudge in, wellied and parka’d up to the max there was only me and 2 other guys in the office and the servers was down so we couldn’t do any work. Unfortunately the PC’s were up and running again by 10am so that scuppered our ideas of an early dart home. The CB’s had a great day at T’s playing out in the snow building snowmen etc but then got stupid within 10 minutes of getting home and between them managed to pull the wardrobe door off it’s hinges! I was foaming with them over it so hit them where it hurts and confiscated their chocolate advent calendars until they saw the error of their ways. Fortunately Bman has since managed to fix it after a trip to B&Q and a certain amount of wrestling with drills & screwdrivers. Pesky rugrats are always breaking stuff man Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We still love them though don’t we?

I’ve been in school a fair bit this week too so am starting to feel like part of the furniture. I even got my first “To my Teacher” Christmas card and a present – I was almost tearful with delight!
We did a full dress rehearsal of the Nativity on Friday morning as best we could with half the cast AWOL. I offered to stand in for Mary to fulfill a childhood ambition for a leading role never realised but was too big to fit into the age 4-5 costume – bah! Had to make do instead with doing my best Mrs Kynman (from Glaggo Rd Infants) and playing the part of the music type teacher who stands at the front & cues the little cherubs in; “with a one.. two…three…..Away in a Manger…..”
I only hope that on the day (Wednesday) I’m not left hanging there in front of an audience of local parents singing it by myself like a lone tuneless doofus, hahaha

Bman is sat behind me with his black Christmas Grump hat on which suits him very well. I am distinctly fed up of being put down all the time over my shit washing up, shit cooking, shit ironing, shit parenting and then, “hey any chance of a shag?” Erm no, not really in the mood dude after the persistent piss-taking. When I try and say that it drags me down I get told to up my game and perhaps the slating will stop. Being a wife sucks girls, don’t do it, step away from the Bridal Store with your hands in the air! Just get a cat or dog instead.

I can’t be bothered to write anymore now because I’ve got a shot of pear vodka with my name on it just asking to be drunk and no one reads this bollocks anyway so have a nice Saturday. I’m off to watch Casualty in silence with my husband.


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