Obs & Drips


Name That Tune: “There’s always one who gets away, who sneaks up on you then slips away” – The One Who Got Away, Pink

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Some people lose sight of what’s important in life but that doesn’t mean that they can’t find their way again” – Elf

So I had my second Observation from my Assessor on Friday & she picked a lovely day for it – childerbeast all hyped up because it was Friday afternoon, 2 Christmas performance rehearsals to deal with and a new child in class who was not very happy to be there! These obstacles aside I passed again and was told I had “beautiful interaction with the children”….which is nice. Next one is in January & I have to plan a Circle Time & physical activity session & begin my own observation of a child of my choosing. Fun times.
Siblings rang me last night after midnight from the last tram home in Manc, slightly oiled & lubricated by the demon drink by the sounds of them…haha, Man I love my family. Big up to the Anson Dudes Xxx
Took the childerbeast to see ‘Madagascar 2’ at the movies today which was most amusing – “I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it” and those penguins crack me up. Not enjoying paying £16.50 to get in, but hey ho it’s Christmas (almost, sort of). Am also hoping to take them to the Imax cinema before Chrimbo to see ‘Santa versus the Snowman’ in 3D, which should be fun. ‘The Polar Express’ is also showing and after watching it earlier tonight on DVD for the 1st time I think it would be amazing at the Imax. If you haven’t seen it and you’ve got young kids, particularly if they are at that age of starting to question the whole Santa thing then watch it, in the dark, on a big telly with a bowl of sweeties on your lap & all snuggled under a duvet – It’s great! “I believe!”
Childerbeast’s room looks fab now their new Groovy Chick duvets covers have arrived and are on the bed and I actually put the pictures back up in the hall & landing last night. This morning I overheard the Bman say: “Ooh your mother’s done a good job of this kids” – (steps back in amazement & keels over in shock) Not often I get such high praise from the master of disaster himself on anything DIY related so I’ll take that thanks very much and bank it.
Speaking of disaster, that God Damn hateful bathroom of ours has spitefully decided to throw a spanner in our festive works by drip drip dripping YET AGAIN from that thousand year old cold water tap on the bath that should really have been replaced when the bath was put in, but for whatever reason (it was 6 years ago now, I can’t remember) did not get done! So the side of the bath is currently off and there is a bowl under the bath catching the drips to save the kitchen ceiling & the whole charade of having to get the basta*d thing all redecorated again, so unless Franky Boy Spencer Mr B can do something with it tomorrow, we will have to get the plumber out to it. It’s such an awkward spot too that I don’t think it can be dealt with properly without taking the entire bath out which is not something I relish the thought of with 3.5 weeks to Christmas and both bank accounts in the red. So that has mucked up my plans of wallowing in a deep hot bubble bath tonight with the Mayor of Casterbridge & a Vodka & Orange. Bah!
Think I’ll just put National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on instead to take my mind off it & I’ll take that V&O in a large glass please 🙂

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