Xmas Wishes


Name that Tune: “It’s not what good girls do, It’s not how they should behave” – I kissed a girl, Katy Perry
Movie Quote of the Day: “If scandal is to your taste then I shall give you a feast” – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Been at school this week to put some time in to get my task done for my assessment this Friday: – “Letters to Santa” with the children and creating a display of their work in the Role Play area. Had an in depth 15 minute discussion with the boys in class about Transformers and the general consensus was that Bumblebee was our favourite followed by Optimus Prime. Batman Lego and Ben 10 stuff seem to be the thing this year for the boys & Baby Annabel (“turns her head Oh Wow”) seems to be the gift of choice for the girls.
I, on the other hand would be delighted if the man in red cleared my debts & made my husband smile, laugh and generally perk up a bit because I don’t seem to be able to manage the job these days.

I have long since abandoned all hope of wishing to being svelte and gorgeous for Xmas so I shan’t bother asking for the unachievable. I will be 37 shortly and the time for being a ravishing traffic stopping beauty queen has passed me by, and anyway I am happy with the way I am. Maybe I will be able to live out that particular fantasy vicariously through my girls in years to come.
I had a go at that whole vixen thing a while back and it got me nothing but Trouble with a capital ‘T’ and although trouble might be fun for a while, it will only end up coming back to haunt you and bite you on the ass!

B thinks I am a bit of an old lady these days but I have learned to ignore him now. I got Ma B a nightdress yesterday and showed it to him, pretending it was a dress I had bought for the Xmas Do at work and you could tell that he actually did think I was being serious for a few moments – such is his opinion of my fashion sense! LOL.


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