Pirates & Parades


Name that Tune:Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawian Christmas Day’ – Mele Kalikimake, Bing Crosby

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘This bickering is pointless” – Star Wars
Children in Need. Annual excuse to act like a twat in the name of charity, which this year saw me in school on Friday dressed as a pirate, and feeling my stomach lurch when, in assembly the Head (dressed resplendent in a bear costume) announced after the usual notices; “Now hands up who would like to see all the staff at the front of the hall doing a dance to Mama Mia?”.
Trying hard to shrink into the wall against the ensuing Mexican wave of hands in the air and cacophony of cheering, I told myself that surely he only meant the majority of the faculty who had dressed in full-on 70’s disco gear and who must surely have planned some kind of choreographed number. So I sat fast and let them get on with it and merely clapped along laughing away with the rest of the school and when it all went a bit High School Musical and the whole hall was up on their feet dancing away, dived into the throng to rescue the little ones who were still sat cross-legged & bewildered to stop them from being trampled underfoot! So a chaotic day indeed with all the little ones in their cute costumes – a dozen mini High School Musical cheerleaders, several Buzz Lightyears, a lot of Halloween costumes left over from last week, a royal load of princesses and the odd forlorn random, still in uniform, who will doubtless never let their mums live it down that they had not paid more heed to the note sent home in their book bags about the fancy dress day!
I tell you something it’s tough trying to get yourself taken seriously by a room full of over-excited 5 year olds whilst wearing an eye patch and a tricorn hat…

Saturday I took the childerbeast to Sadford to see the Christmas Lights being switched on. I thought the CB’s would like it and it gave me an excuse to get away from Him Indoors who had got out of bed determined to be a bear with a sore head (AKA a miserable argumentative Get) from the word go. So we left him to his wallpapering and to bicker with himself while we sought sanctuary in town.
Considering our first Christmas in Sadford a few years ago when they had the crappest tree ever, that was not much more than a pile of dry old pine needles and not a coloured bulb in sight, yesterday’s extravaganza was really rather impressive. We followed a torch-lit parade down through the town to the main square as the lights were switched on (by someone who used to be on Emmerdale I think) and found a decent vantage point in the impressively large crowd to watch some women dancing on stilts and a dude doing that acrobatic thing of rolling and unrolling himself on a bedsheet atop a large pole (don’t try this at home kids). The finale was a spectacular light show and fireworks display. The kids loved it and it was free – Brilliant!

Got into bed with them when we got home to watch the end of ‘Strictly’ and then ‘Merlin’ and was all cosy when I got a call from T asking if I fancied going round for drinks, D was going round aswell. I said no as I was too comfy by then and really rather tired. Once I got the kids in their own beds and fired up a pizza for myself I felt more revived. D text to say that T needed a bit of moral support for various reasons, so I felt guilty then and decided to hot foot it round there after all, still in my PJ’s – coat over the top, boots on & a large bottle of Blue WKD in my pocket, a bottle of port in my hand for emergency Cheeky Vimtos. So 0245 saw me and D weaving home after having set the World to rights between the 3 of us infront of the ‘Shite Factor’ or whatever garbage is on after 9pm on a Saturday these days.

This morning somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed but for a few moments I couldn’t remember why it was that I felt so tired and my mouth was so dry! But by 0930 we were in the car ‘en fammile’ on the way into Sadford again to show the childerbeast the Reindeer Parade and Santa arriving at the Kirkgate Centre. I now have no neck after having the childerbeast taking it in turns to have shoulder carry. How men carry their women like this at gigs and dance about I really have no idea. A is only 3 and I felt like a hunchback after barely 10 minutes and she’s only a slip of a thing.
So it must officially be Christmas now because Santa is in town, my fruit bowl is full of satsumas and I have seen 3 adverts tonight already for a Daniel O’ Donnell Live Tour DVD and I’m feeling the urge to stock up on advocaat.

Festive Greetings one an all Xx


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