Gigs & Dates


Name that Tune: “So hold on to the ones who really care, in the end they will be the only ones there” – Mmm Bop – Hanson

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘”Well I may be bald, but at least I’m not chickenshit like you” – Slap Shot

The Bman has gone to a Hanson Brothers gig tonight in Derby – not the “MmmBop” twee little Hanson Brothers from the 90’s but the Nomeansno ‘Puck Rock’ Slapshop monikered Hanson Brothers from Canada who are about 90! He has taken two cans of that ‘Relentless’ energy drink that has about 85,000 calories and enough caffeine and guarana to keep a Rhino going for 48 hours so I hope I sleep though that when he gets home later!

Have been madly packing things to take to Chester Y Fronts tomorrow straight from school – have a rare night out within the Deva walls to look forward to on Saturday, which hasn’t been done for a long time. There is even loose talk of a Club. (Note to self: put coat in cloakroom this time and not trust to care of hapless drunken friend to leave unattended and consequently get stolen, no doubt given to unsuspecting girlfriend as Christmas present. Grrrr.) Going out with friend who is over from Australia and have no idea where we are going or the meeting arrangements so I hope I get kept in the loop and don’t end up getting done up like a dogs dinner and end up sat at my Pops’ like a Billy no mates or I’ll cry!

Got invited last night to a pie and peas bonfire party round at a friends which we gladly accepted instead of the alternative of going up to the ‘Phoenix Club’ for their firework display which didn’t start until 8:30pm (far too late for kids on a school night). R had a sugar-rush after too much toffee and kept falling over like someone inebriated then got so giddy whilst running to get her PJ’s on that she tripped and smacked right into the metal bedframe – the blow to the cranium seemed to sober her up anyway. High times!

The best of the fireworks from the Club could be seen from our living room window as I did my ironing and then at 10pm our new neighbours decided to do their own little display on the front wall so I got a ringside seat for those aswell. I can’t say that Bman was best pleased though, as he had gone to bed at 9pm so he could get up for work at 5am.

Reet, best be off to blowdry my barnet ready for the fray at school tomorrow. I need to produce a display for my next task on my course so I think I am going with sea creatures to fit in with the names for the class groups – Sharks, Seahorses, Dolphins etc. I’ve got loads of shells and whatnot kicking around from various foreign travels so it should be quite painless to produce.

TTFN and enjoy your weekend. Xx


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