Harvest & Guilty TV Pleasures


Name that Tune: ‘I think ya hungry, cause ya starvin fa Flavor Flavor most, put it on toast’ – Cold Lampin With Da Flavor

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘With this candle I shall……..set your mother on fire….” – Corpse Bride
Had Harvest Assembly today at school and this year I was at the front with the other staff rather than at the back with the parents. It was lovely to see A and her class in the hall too, all sitting so smartly and well behaved. Not so, some of the toddlers who came with their mums to watch and just ran about and made lots of noise making it really hard to hear the children doing their readings. Mums of noisy offspring take note – Take your child out of the hall if they start to become disruptive otherwise it’s not fair on the rest of the children!
In the afternoon we got to do the old harvest fare distribution round the houses in gale force conditions but at least it’s done with and not left for tomorrow when it’s a busy day. I‘ve got my assessment in the morning (gnashes fingernails and wrinkles forehead with worry) and it’s Special Mentions Assembly and the last day of term, so we’ll be trying to get everything completed. I am still thoroughly enjoying it though and was pleased to see that I made it onto the noticeboard in the staff room; “KB in Reception today” – the closest I am likely to get to having my name in lights – haha.

Lots of kids are coming down with some stomach bug and I think I have got it now too, Bman is also complaining of ropey guts which he had just put down to his homemade soup but I don’t think it’s that, it’s just the usual bugs and germs doing the rounds. Hopefully our two won’t succumb to it as I am taking them to London on Saturday for a few days to see a friend I have been threatening to visit for months now. The childerbeast are really looking forward to riding on the tube although I have warned them that it isn’t really that exciting and is actually pretty minging but….Have Oyster Card/Will travel.
My childerbeast are now fully au fait with the fine art of stop/start animation after a Tim Burtonathon of ‘Corpse Bride’ and ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ several times over, purchased for Halloween but we couldn’t wait a week, so now they’re big fans of the man like TB.
On Tuesday evening whilst doing the ironing I watched Gok Wan’s ‘Miss Naked Beauty’, noting that many of the contestants simply failed to grasp the nature of the show at all of it being the search for a natural looking real woman and not a plastic-fantastic over-made-up trollop! After it had finished I stumbled across TMF’s “Flavor of Love” which is now my new favourite programme and a gem in the genre of Reality TV. If you haven’t seen it I urge you to check it out either on TMF channel or on YouTube.
The premise of the show is that a bunch of ladies (and I use the term loosely) housed together in Flavor Flav’s house (of Public Enemy fame). He gives them all skeezily spelt nickname; such as Deelishis, Buckwild, Honeeeey or Bootylishis, then spends time on ‘dates’ with each ‘Flavorette’ in a bid to find his perfect wife. When the girls are eliminated, the survivors are presented with a giant cardboard clock with their face on it by Flav, with his legendary phrase “You know what time it is”. Funny funny funny. I loved it and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see it. Don’t think it would be as amusing if it wasn’t about the diminuitive Flavor Flav. I still can’t get over that time he was on that show “The Farm” and struck up an unlikley kinship with Lionel Blair – TV Gold!! I know first hand how wee he really is as we went to a Public Enemy gig when I was heavily pregnant with R and he bounded out into the crowd, trademark sunglasses on and giant alarm clock round his neck – Wikipedia states that his is 5 ft 7, but I beg to disagree.
Check it out if you can!

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