Cheap Cheerleaders & Dodgy Downloads


Name that Tune: “Can I stay here? Lying under the table with you” – Acrylic Afternoons, Pulp

Movie Quote of the Day: “I love you but sooner or later you’re going to have to take it that you’re a god damn moron!” – The Big Lebowski
So, have decided to dress as a post-Sylar encounter Claire Bennet for Halloween which is going to be quite possibly the cheapest costume I have ever cobbled together: £1 for a red skirt from Primani – £4 for fake blonde tresses also from Primani, I already have a shirt which will suffice & lastly, a tube of fake blood 69p from Wilkies. Tonight Matthew I’m going to be… The chubbiest, oldest, cheerleader in town! LOL.

On a mission to download some suitable Halloween themed music that was a bit less obvious than the CD we did last year, I scoured the Tooternet (as my kids call it) for an MP3 of Kid Unknown – ‘Nightmare’. Just a heads up for any of you as naïve as me – do not sign up to a website advertising “old school hardcore downloads” as I found to my shock that the hardcore was in fact nothing to do with back in the day drum & bass, jungle or house music!! You know what I’m saying? I went to log in after being advised my membership was activated and was assailed with technicolour tits, ass & willy as I desperately tried to shoo the childerbeast from the office and close the page down quick sharp. Subscription subsequently cancelled with immediate effect!

Work called today to ask if there was any chance I could work next Friday as the other two transport dudes are on leave. It’s my first assessment then for my CCLD though & I can’t cancel it as my Assessor doesn’t even usually work on Fridays and is coming in especially to observe me. I feel really bad that I can’t help out after they have been so good to me about changing my working hours etc but I’ve waited all year to start this course and don’t want to screw it up at the first test by looking like a flake.

Am in work tomorrow and am not particularly looking forward to it as my Senior is away, it will be generally assumed that I will be able to arrange any logistical matters in his absence. Someone I once worked with used to say that “to assume makes an ass out of U and me” and I think that may well become apparent by close of play tomorrow. I can’t even have any email banter with the H either as her office Feds have busted her big-time apparently and she has asked that I no longer send any messages at all to her work email. IT C.I.D. can be such joyless ballbusters sometimes.

Speaking of pains in the ass – Bman is expecting a delivery from ebay and it came the other day but no-one was in so he has waited the obligatory 48 hours before trying to collect it from the depot and they said they don’t have it and to come back “in a few days”. If anyone out there is from the Royal Mail can you please explain to me where the undelivered parcels go in this magical 48 hour period if they are not back at the main depot or indeed at the local P.O? (if you are lucky enough to still have one). Do they get sent on a midweek break to the Lakes or to see show in the West End or something? What’s the score? I have railed about this before particularly about that time the Postman actually handed me a card on my own doorstep advising that, as I was not at home & my parcel was too big to fit the letterbox it had been returned to the depot, yet he had not even got it with him so how did he know it wouldn’t fit or that I was not in, which I clearly was as he had just handed me the card advising that I wasn’t!?!
I shall sign off before I go all Victor Meldrew on the state of the service industry…


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