Fiendish Anticipation


Name that Tune: ‘I was working at the lab last when night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight’ – Monster Mash, Dr Dementor

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘Whatever you do….DON’T fall asleep?’ – Nightmare & Elm Street

Am hoping to host a mini soiree on Halloween this year as it’s a Friday just for a few pals, although I would of course be happy to dance around the house in ghoulish fancy dress even if nobody turned up – I love that time of year. So far my ideas for this year’s fancy dress costume have ranged from the obvious i.e. Cat, Witch, Morticia Addams etc to the slightly different; e.g. Wednesday Addams; Clare Bennett with Sylar inflicted forehead wound; George Bush; Zombie Dinner Lady and Beetlejuice! I can’t quite decide… will have to see what I can cobble together without too much expense. In the meantime fun is to be had in concocting appropriate music cd’s.

Altogether now… “Cos this is Thriller, Thriller now yeah!”

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