Old Skool & New Frocks


Name that Tune: ‘It’s our time now, time for you and me’ – Last Rhythm, Silvie Carter Vocal Mix.

Movie Quote of the Day: Curiosity is not a sin. But you must exercise caution’ – Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
In the news so far this week.

Iceland has gone bust & I don’t mean the frozen food store, I mean the Country! I foresee Grapes of Wrath times ahead if the global economy doesn’t pick up soon. On a happier note, apparently afternoon tea is des rigueur again, hurrah, Mr Kiplings & Earl Grey all round.

McD’s in Chester went up in flames yesterday thanks to some workmen setting some tar on the roof on fire by accident with a blowtorch. Think the last time I was in McD’s in Chester, ‘Toy & Hobby’ was still next door which won’t mean a thing to anyone unless they are from Chester.

A 15 year old in a school in Leeds has been suspended for giving hash cakes to 2 Teaching Assistants – if this is the shape of things to come in the education system I shall await my breaktime snack with anticipation. Bman reckons it’s such a long time since I was stoned that I probably wouldn’t appreciate it all – I think that I would probably not notice to be honest, living as I do these days in the near permanent state of confusion, memory loss & disorientation that is Parenthood.

After stumbling across some old skool clubbing appreciation groups on Facebook I have been listening to some classics on YouTube & annoying my pals by sending them a bit of aural stimulation from the early 90’s, hoping that they too will be spinning around on their computer chairs, hands aloft & hairs on the back of their necks standing on end (or maybe that’s just me!) Warbling along to Silvie Carter’s vocals on ‘Last Rhythm’ & remembering many a time sat in my friend’s mini in the Leisurebowl Carpark singing along as we changed out of our sweaty catsuits, with the doors locked & windows up of course, to try & keep out the Taxmen on the rob with guns. Gun crime seems to be painted in the media as a new epidemic but it was happening then. I just don’t think as many idiots pulled the triggers so easily then as they do now, but the guns were around just the same. A couple of times my friends & I escaped a mugging just by sheer luck more than anything else (sorry Mum I don’t think I ever mentioned that before.)
There was an advertisement for a Kinetic Reunion on October 18th & for about half a second I was tempted, but you know when you just know that it wouldn’t be the same – the venue isn’t even there anymore, it’s a Wilkinsons or something now. That door has closed, that ship has sailed etc & to revisit would just be a sad anticlimax. Sleeping dogs & all that.

The Childerbeast have turned up their button noses at Bman’s choice of youghurt this week for their lunches – Ski. Apparently “they are yucky and have bits in” (that’ll be the fruit then). He was appalled, as Ski are his favourite (apart from those Danone Activia with prune). He protested that when he was a boy he had Ski yoghurts all the time, to which I pointed out that when we were kids the only yoghurts you could get were Ski, the now defunct Prize or those cheap ones my Nan used to get that weren’t even kept in the chiller – long life UHT things in Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Blackcherry, that kept for about 6 months with zero nutritional value whatsoever Hahaha.

The dress I ordered for my sister’s big kahuna birthday bash in December arrived yesterday and surprisingly it looks alright, so it’s a keeper & at £45 will be the most expensive item of clothing I have ever owned that wasn’t a coat or a pair of sneakers J. Fashionista I am not! I may not have worn any for a while, but killer heels to match I do already own, so I was wearing them in a bit last night whilst wearing socks and on my LTT – schexxy lady. I just need a spangly bag now & a shrug to cover up the old underarm swoop, although if I keep listening to these old skool tunes & jumping about with my hands in the air, by Xmas I will have perfectly toned arms once more.

Rave on!

Am going to Leeds Roller Disco tomorrow night with H. Should be a laugh although I have no idera what to wear & I don’t have any money, but with 8 wheels on my feet I doubt I will need an alcohol to have a laugh so that’s something at least.

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