Awards & Aesthetics


Name that Tune: “Sometimes things don’t work out like we planned. Life goes on & people grow out of things that fit before” – Saturday Love, Cherrelle & Alexander O Neal

Movie Quote of the Day: “Oh my god! He’s going for the Anger Bang” – Just Friends

Big snaps to my No. 1 girl for getting the Pleasant & Well Mannered Award in Special Mentions assembly today at school – and I missed it because I was at work today & not in school like I usually am! Keep up the good work R. I am very proud of you Xx

So I have managed to fly beneath the radar at work for yet another week. Surely soon my cover will be blown & I will be exposed as a fraudster who just floats in for 2 days a week & shuffles bits of paper around & occasionally produces a purchase order or perhaps a sales invoice (probably incorrectly) & once in a blue moon answers the phone (usually by accident whilst trying to make an outgoing call). Until my exposure & likely exile from the firm I will keep going in & hope the pay keeps coming. I like it there. The folks are good people and more to the point it’s fun, something which could never be said about The Farm where I used to work. I would never have got away with tinkling about on Facebook as much as I do for a start; added a couple of belting blasts from the past today & am very happy to see that they are still alive & kicking! – Do you ever sometimes know exactly the person you want to share a bit of fun news with? Well I wanted to share something amusing today with someone who I knew would appreciate it the most & then realized that I couldn’t because that person is no longer around….shame shame shame.

Anyhoo, I need more people to add their passport photos to the group Passport of Horrors though. It can’t just be pictures of me & Bman. Pity really that I had that fit of disgust with myself the other year & destroyed that one of me that Bman had in his wallet taken for a college ID card when I did that Japanese course in 1999. Big puffy face & that like I had a peanut allergy or something & the bead on my hairclip gleaming in the flash making it look like I had a miniature red light beacon on top of my head. He used to show it to people, the tw@! LOL Many a work colleague of his has been pleasantly surprised to meet me in the flesh & see that I didn’t actually look like something from a Gary Larson cartoon (well, not everyday anyway).
We are who we are and we should learn to change what we can about our appearance & either mask, camouflage or live with the things we can’t. I am who I am. Big head, reddish hair & rice crispy moles & all. Take it or leave it. I’m too old to give a shit anymore. Looks aren’t everything after all, even the handsomest & most beautiful faces can hide the blackest of hearts.

No big plans for Le Weekend. Bman is going to Boro under the pretext of going to visit his mum in hospital after her op to fit her with a bionic kneecap or something. Think it’s pure coincidence that she is in hospital just as he planned to go over, this means he has the run of the house in order to go to the fair which is in town this weekend. If he gets lucky on the Waltzers with some fair-slapper he will be able to show her his Mam’s new living room carpet. LOL. I hope the usual suspects front up & come out to play with him otherwise he will come home moaning about how crap all his pals are & how he had to go clubbing on his Billy. Last time he tried to arrange to go out with them all the nearest they got to a night out was leaving the basement to go to Subway for a late night foot-long before it closed. Talk about ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ (Whine more like).

I am hoping to get some of my coursework done for my first assessment on the 24th so will be brushing up on my signs of child neglect & abuse. Cheerful stuff for the weekend indeed. Xx

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