Rough Loving & Gippy Guts


Name that Tune: ‘Got a feeling this is something strong. All I wanna do is move on.’ – In My Arms, Kylie

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘I know you want me so bad it’s like acid in your mouth’ – Point Break

‘Heroes’ was awesome if only for the fact that Future Bad Peter was back! Hurrah for scar faces & grubby vests! I once knew a boy back in the day, with a scar across his face from a scuffle with the babylon for which, if I recall correctly, he was financially compensated. He was fit as a butcher’s dog & a moody SOB aswell, which of course only added to the attraction. Why do girls always go for bad boys & roughnecks? It’s time for a Geek uprising I’m sure. Jarvis Cockers of the world unite and take over! Still waters run deep you know. The quieter Mr Logics of the world might well turn out to be hoarding a surplus of red hot fiery passion beneath their tank tops.

I don’t quite know where I am going with this line of thought so perhaps I ought to change course.

Did a 9-5 today & another one tomorrow – Phew how you real workers do it 5 days a week I don’t know. When do you find time to vacuum and do the laundry? especially any single folks without a pet-partner around the house to hang out washing or put your smalls away while you’re out grafting. I say ‘grafting’ but I actually mean; looking on eBay for potential Christmas & birthday giftage, email bantering with my sister & with H, adding long lost pals to Facebook & from time to time dipping in & out of doing some actual bona-fide Work. Fun times!

Had slightly gippy guts all day today although not of course gippy enough to prevent me from eating my lunch and a pack of strawberry chewits. The Bman has made some unidentified (I suspect butternut squash & sweet potato) soup which is on the stove so I think I might nuke myself a bowl of that & see how I feel. If all else fails I have an emergency Wispa in the fridge which will surely make me feel much better 🙂


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