New beginnings & surprise visits


Hello folks. as of today October 1st (how did that happen so fast??) this is the new home of the original DHW & the divinest of secrets, musings and wafflings of your favourite Yorkshire hausfrau. How so? Porquoi? & Why? I hear the collective murmur….because AOL have announced that they are closing their Journals application at the end of this month and any and all blogs and journals will cease to exist and all previous entries will be deleted!! I’m not impressed. I have backup copies of all entries since I started blogging back in January 2006 but had not been backing it up quite so regularly of late so have just spent the last 24 hours copying and pasting, reformatting and saving it all to disk.
So far I am enjoying the fact that this blogspot has spellcheck and justifying facilities so I shall just be able to type straight onto the blog and format it to my liking without having to do it all in word and copy it over and then have to format it all again like I did on AOL. Who knows? Maybe I might even bag a few more readers, although of course that’s not really what I’m about, I do it as a diary really and cathartic exercise.
I have been at school today after swapping my day this week to Wednesday rather than Friday in order to help school out who were a staff member down. Hereafter known as wearisome Wednesday thanks to the dreaded P.E. change / blood from stone/ pulling teeth experience this morning and 2 ‘Code Brown’ situations and a blocked, overflowing loo this afternoon and 21 childerbeast hellbent on seeing who could tell the most tales on their classmates throughout the entire day! “Miss! Miss! he did such and such and she pulled a face and she’s eating with her mouth full and, and, and…” Whilst trying to deal with the second Code Brown as Teacher was out of the class dealing with the first one I had 4 of the little darlings absconding from the carpet to hound me with tittle tattly tell tales of no great import and had to resort to a very stern but controlled lsightly raised voiced bark of; “Everybody get back on the carpet right now!”
Anyone who has had the misfortune to hear me in full flow with my own kids will know how that sounds, and will not be surprised to hear that within 10 seconds I had a carpet full of straight-backed crossed legged, fingers on lips, Stepford Children ready for when Teacher came back into class. 😀 If I can’t gain respect in my own household I will get it from the children of my friends and neighbours – LOL.
Had a lovely surprise earlier tonight when my friend G rang to say she had been working in Sadford today and was in the vicinity so could she pop in for a cuppa. Always delighted by a bit of a visit, impromptu ones especially (even that time my Pops dropped by unexpectedly & the house was a midden). Kettle on and any excuse to put off doing the ironing. She couldn’t stay long as she still has a fair drive to her new place in Remotest Sticksville, wildest, deepest, darkest Yaarkshire but it was great to see her. Bman will be sorry he missed her.
Anyhoo, times a wasting and ‘Heroes’ starts again tonight; Xmas looms which means festive parties need to be attended, legs will need to be out & 10 denier clad; upper arms need to be toned for the airing so a session on the hula hoop & the LTT under the watchful eye of the lovely Peter Petrelli are calling me.
Ciao for now blogfans Xx

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