Pain in the heid & film stars deid *


Name that Tune: ‘First you say you love me, then say you want to leave me, then you say you’re sorry; you play the game so well.’ – Voices, Madonna

Movie Quote of the Day: ‘Why you gotta go and say fifty eggs for? Why not thirty-five or thirty-nine? / I thought it was a nice round number.’ – Cool Hand Luke

Man alive! Killer headache last night which started on way round Asda with the childerbeast after R’s morning dance class and only increased in intensity as the day progressed no matter how much water I drank to stave off the dehydration that I think might have been the cause. I ended up crawling into bed just after ‘Strictly’ as the Bman threatened me with a trip to BRI if I didn’t quit griping about it. Darkened room, absolute quiet & some sleep seemed to be the only cure. I woke up at 2230hrs feeling much better, got up for a wee and to inform Bman that I was still alive and that he could come to bed now if he wanted. Not had a migraine like that for many years. Not fun at all! Today it seemed to be starting up again as I was in town with the CB’s to purchase new duvets & long sleeve PJ’s after they had been complaining of being too cold in bed. Swift stop at Boots (the cash chemist) and a box of industrial strength cocodamol/ paracetemol/ valium/ mogodon based pain relief capsules was mine for the soon to be addicted to, and headache was nipped in the bud before it had chance to reduce me to tears again.

Been a lovely weekend weather-wise again although it’s a bit Nevada desert style, lovely warm days but pretty parky at night time, warm enough by day to kid you that you might get another weekend of camping in before winter but you know for a fact it would be Baltic in the tent at night! Bman was laughing at me the other day as I told him animatedly about something I had spotted online – a fire bowl – you can fold up and use anywhere to have a fire in whilst camping – “There it is;” he laughs – “I knew it would be something to with camping or outdoors”. He brought home a copy of “Nuts” magazine the other week that he found on the train and a copy of the Millets catalogue he picked up for me, so we each sat later that evening on the couch, drooling respectively; he at naked breasts & skimpy thongs and me at £800 tents & space saving camping gadgets. Hahaha.

Friday at school was another good one. Next week I have swapped my days at School’s request and am doing Wednesday instead of Friday and working my two days at Alpha on Thursday/Friday. I am lucky that they are so accommodating and helpful. Long may it continue J Pity I didn’t have childcare for Tuesday or I could’ve done that as one of my Alpha days and worked Friday at school aswell and I could’ve been paid for the Wednesday. Shucks! Ah well. N’eer mind.

This afternoon the CB’s and I have vegged out watching Mighty Joe Young on Film4 when we got back from town, which I had told them was a great film about a giant gorilla. I had forgotten how it ended and when he fell from the Ferris wheel and ‘died’ poor A was totally distraught and collapsed into my arms in floods of tears. I was so glad when it turned out that of course he wasn’t really dead, just stunned, and a happy ended was had after all. Poor kid would’ve been on Oprah in 20 years blaming me for traumatizing her childhood by making her watch upsetting movies.

Speaking of movies – R.I.P. Paul Newman. Another great film star bites the dust, so in honour of that I give you this classic scene from ‘Cool Hand Luke’: –

Oopsie, I meant this classic scene: –

TTFN film fans Xx

* like heed & deed just in case you wanted to pull me up on my spelling


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